3 April 2014

My Initial Rection To Lush Kitchen And First Order

For those that have been keeping up with Lush, you'll know that the company launched their new website on Sunday evening, and more importantly, unleashed their 'Lush Kitchen' upon the world. Described as an original venture that no other cosmetics company have ever done, this is a big, bold statement from them; bound to attract a lot of attention in the media.

Although I was initially excited by this new project, my interest dwindled a little after the website displayed multiple glitches in the first day of launching. Furthermore, after Lush had released their first batch of 'kitchen' products, the website malfunctioned, preventing me from ordering anything which stressed me out more than a shower gel should. 

Thankfully, things seem to be running smoothly four days in, and I've since made three successive orders from their 'kitchen' range. 

When my first order arrived this evening, I was so excited and almost attacked the box like a lion on it's prey. However, I was nice enough to slow it down a notch take pictures while I was doing so, so you can experience the same excitement as I did upon seeing the initial products. 

One difference between the kitchen range and the normal range, is that the former comes in individually wrapped bags. To make it more personal, Lush have also included a picture of the Lush 'chef' that made your very product; a lovely touch from them, I thought. 

My first ordered contained Violet Nights Bath Oil, Lemon Melt Shower Gel and Super tramp Shower Gel. The bath oil smells absolutely gorgeous; very similar to Daddy-O but with a more creamy violet scent. The lemon shower gel reminded me of cake batter and there were even pithy looking strands on the top, which made me realise just how fresh it is. The Supertramp was my least favourite, but that too had a lovely rounded-herby scent.

My order came with the new Lush Times which features some very exciting up-and-coming products, including a self-preserved version of Ocean Salt which is vegan. I'm so excited.

Reviews for all of these items will be available on here from tomorrow so check back to see them then.


  1. Firstly, I bloody love this blog! But thank you for posting your order... I'm waiting for mine to be delivered and I am so excited! I ordered the lemon melt and violet nights and I am so excited it is uncool hahaha can't wait to read your reviews :D Rachel x

    1. Thank you :) There's just something about the way these come in little bags that make them so much more exciting than usual! I've used both the Violet Nights and Lemon Melt tonight and oh my, you're in for a treat! Reviews coming tomorrow :)