15 April 2014

Sympathy For The Skin Self-Preserving Body Lotion

A Little Bit About Lush's New Preservative Free Venture:

If there's one thing about Lush that has attracted most of it's loyal customers, it's the company's dedication to their moral and ethical standpoint. Not only do they support and encourage campaigns that educate society and promote improvement within the cosmetics industry, but they never settle for anything - they're always looking for ways to improve their practice and their products.

Not happy that all of their products only contain a tiny percentage of harmless preservatives, Lush want to raise the bar within the industry and produce not only preservative free products, but ones that actually preserve themselves using processes that occur naturally in certain fresh ingredients.

Lush explain that it's rather simple to opt out of using preservatives in solid products as 'bacteria require water to grow and multiply', which is why most of their ballistics, bubble bars, solid shampoos etc.. have been able to make that transition quickly and effectively. However, lotions, smoothies and the few liquid hair-care products, have not been so easy to change.

After years of testing out their ideas, the company claim to have come up with 'an innovative way to rebalance formulations', enabling other products in their range to be sold preservative free whilst still retaining most of their previous features, not to mention their long shelf lives.

Although I have tried and tested all three of the body lotions that Lush have released as part of the first wave of preservative-free goodies, I was still intrigued to sample and compare all three items next to their original counterparts.

Review of Sympathy For The Skin:

Sympathy For The Skin is one of three lotions that are part of the first overhaul, and I was rather intrigued to see whether or not this preservative-free addition would equal or surpass my great experience with the original lotion. Made with the same ingredients that first attracted me to the original, the new lotion contains a combination of fresh bananas, almond oil, vanilla, fair trade cocoa oil and lemon oil -it reads like a recipe for cake, and smells this way as well.

On initial sniff, Sympathy For The Skin Self-Preserving Body Lotion smells like an expensive vanilla ice-cream. This rich and highly indulgent fragrance intensifies on your skin, leaving you feeling nourished whilst smelling incredible. After applying this to my skin, all I could smell was white chocolate and it was a real struggle not to lick it right off of my skin.

Although it's scent is almost identical to that of it's predecessor, I felt as if there was a slightly thicker, more rounded smell with this lotion. It's a little difficult for me to explain, but I felt as if the smell of banana was lightly lower in the mix - it was definitely the vanilla that dominated the overall smell here.

As with the original lotion, this one was no different in colour or consistency. From previous experience, I know that this is quite a thick lotion, so applying too much will only make you oily and will take a lot longer to fully absorb. However, despite it's consistency, this cream is not at all heavy and leaves your skin smooth, supple and beautifully soft. 

As I stated with the new Dream Cream Self-Preserving Body Lotion, if Lush continue to sell the lotion in this format, it would definitely be one of my first choices. And priced at £11.25 (the same as the normal lotion), it means I will definitely be opting for this over the original version.

As it's early days though, I am yet unable to comment on whether the shelf life of Sympathy For The Skin will be as impressive as it's older brother. However, as this product is probably the longest lasting body lotion that Lush currently offer, it'll be around long enough for me to test out it's longevity.

Original Sympathy For The Skin Body Lotion Review

Quantitative Ingredients: Almond Oil, Water (Aqua), Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Glycerine, Vanilla Pod Infusion, Stearic Acid, Fresh Organic Fair Trade Banana, Triethanolamine, Sandalwood Oil, Labdanum Resinoid, Lemon Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Limonene, Perfume.

Vegan?: Yes.

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