17 July 2014

Demon In The Dark Shower Gel

I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw a bottle of this being sold on eBay back in 2013. Demon In the Dark Shower Gel is one of those products that I never thought I'd get an opportunity to try out, given that it's near enough vanished from the face of the earth. So when I saw that someone was selling a 250g bottle for mere pennies, I thought my luck had all come at once. 

The shower gel is composed of fresh organic apple juice with an infusion of mint; a strange concoction that you would assume wouldn't work well together. On first sniff, you can definitely pick up the mint scent - it's a sharp, potent peppermint smell that initially dominates the entire fragrance; a dark green demon that travels straight up your nose and gives your head a blast of fresh, minty goodness.

However, as your senses become accustomed to its sharp edge, you begin to notice the warming clove bud oil and astringent apple, both of which compliment the peppermint oil and give the shower gel a unique twist. The apple somehow softens the mint scent slightly, which only adds to its appeal. 

Initially, I wasn't bowled over by Demon In the Dark, simply because the smell reminded me of Listerene Mouth Wash - not something you want to be smothering all over your body. However, over time I came to appreciate the fact that this shower gel could have been far more acrid than it was, and it was Lush's weird and wonderful pairing that prevented it from being simply another generic mint-scented product. 

It lathers up rather nicely, sharing its colour with Avowash Shower Gel and sporting a rather thin consistency, strangely also similar to Avoshower Shower Gel. You don't need a surplus amount of this each time as a penny-sized amount will lather up wonderfully and cover your entire body. Using too much will also make your skin tingle slightly, which is both a pleasant and weird experience. 

Ultimately, this shower gel made my skin feel really clean and soft almost immediately, something I always value in a product. Unlike the Dirty and Narcotic Shower Gels, this one at least as some redeeming qualities, as the inclusion of the apple somewhat removes the potency of the overall mint scent. It's a fresh, revigorating gel that works well in the morning to wake your senses up and give your skin that crisp, clean feeling.

However, it's not a scent that bowled me over, and certainly not one I would rush to try again. The mint is a little too strong in the mix for me, and apple isn't one of my favourite scents to begin with. I can see why this would be a very popular fragrance, it's just not the type to get me overly excited.

Vegan?: Yes

2016 Price: £11.25 for 250g.
2017 Price: £11.50 for 250g.

Scent Family:

Demon In The Dark Shower Gel
Demon In The Dark Soap

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  1. It's too bad you didn't love this, I've always wanted to try the soap or shower gel! You're blog is my first reference point when I want to make a LUSH purchase :)