26 July 2014

My Two Trips To The New Gorilla Perfume Shop

When I found out that Lush were opening the very first Gorilla Perfume shop in London, my credit card groaned and the sound of screeching tires echoed behind me as I flew head first out of the door. 

When Volume 2 came out, I was still trying to establish myself as a blogger and I had so many products to review that it was a little soul-destroying thinking about having to invest in a whole range of perfumes to add to that list. However,  I am now far more organised with my writing and couldn't wait to pick up all of new scents as well as some of the repackaged older ones. 

I visited the shop on it's opening day and walked away with one each of the new range. However, the itch returned very quickly and I made a second trip on Friday to pick up the body sprays and some of the new solid tins. Unfortunately, they seemed to have sold out of the Smuggler's Soul Body Spray but I managed to get everything else.

The shop is beautifully decorated and holds such a wonderful atmosphere. I've only been in there twice, but the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. A wonderful employee, who I met both times I went in, even gave me a vinyl of music that has been specially written to coincide with each and every one of the new perfumes. I cannot wait to settle down one evening this week and have a listen and enjoy the fragrances even more. Thank you so much - you made my day!

I already feel third trip coming on but I'm going to try and hold off for as long as possible - I do need money to eat and stuff!


  1. How much did all of that cost ��

    1. More than I want to say! hehe! A lot though is the answer..

  2. I am so in love with all of it!

  3. Nice haul!!! I am jealous! :D

  4. I think you have an obsession with LUSH which is not spend way too much money on LUSH, which by the way is a rip-off sometimes.

  5. LOL LOL @ Anonymous 3 April. So what! There are worse things to be obsessed with. Lush is addicting and a pretty healthy obsession. LOL
    -Joy Leigh

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