27 August 2014

Avoshower Shower Jelly

It is only through my love of Lush that I have developed a love for jelly. Most normal people would probably claim that their love for the stuff came from the amount they ate at their friends' parties when they were little. However, I could probably count on the one hand the amount of times in my life that I have eaten it; an indication of how few parties I was invited to when I was younger.

In 2006, way before I even knew what Lush was, Avojelly Shower Jelly was created and released in limited amounts; coinciding with a Lush forum competition. Way back then, the Lush founders would often make products especially for their most loyal fans, and this was the product of one of these online discussions. Sharing its scent with the Avobath ballistic; a real favourite of mine, I was really excited to try it out.
Fast forward to May 2016, and the Lush Kitchen bring out the shower jelly once more, finally allowing new fans the opportunity to try out one of Lush's finest creations. Renaming it Avoshower Shower Jelly, this was the first time the product was available in majestic 240g pots, and the world was a better place because of it.

Firstly, this jelly is stunning; a beautiful emerald green with just the slightest pearly glisten to make it look magical. Avojelly has tiny green specks of green glitter sprinkled within the product, which helps it to look just that little bit more appealing in the tub. Don't worry about the glitter through, it doesn't stick to your skin so you don't have to worry about getting covered in plastic lustre. 

The jelly possesses the most amazing lemongrass scent - a smell that engulfs your senses immediately upon opening the lid, and one that is relentless while you're using it and beyond. It's a fresh, crisp but very sharp citrusy scent - one very similar to Stepping Stone, but with perhaps a little less emphasis on the lemon aspect.

I find that it's slightly sourer than the bath bomb, although it is just as citrusy, sweet and refreshing. This is a great shower product to reenergise those senses first thing in the morning, and I found that it greatly improved my mood after a workout as well. When compared with Avoshower Shower Gel, I found that the jelly was very subtly more fruity, yet when I used them both side by side in the shower, I couldn't really notice a difference. 

The only key difference between Avojelly and Avobath is that there's no moisturising avocado oil in the former. However, you wouldn't realise this as the shower jelly is incredibly soft. Unlike other jellies I have tried, such as Sweetie Pie and Calacas, this one creates a more oily lather, which makes your skin feel incredible after use. Unfortunately, it is this latter that also makes this product rather difficult to use. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have lost pieces down the drain whilst trying to lather this across my body. 

Having said this, I found that this shower jelly could be cut into smaller cubes and massaged into a loofa before being used, although some people choose to use it whole - the choice is yours. You could even cut it into smaller pieces and blend the jelly in a food processor. This produces somewhat of a foamy consistency that works better for those that prefer gels.  

Ultimately, I love the scent of this and would recommend it to everyone. The fragrance stays on my skin for quite a while and it compliments quite a number of my favourite perfumes, including Calacas. I hope Lush choose to bring this back again, as I can see it being very popular - I'd definitely purchase a few tubs to keep me going.

Quantitative Ingredients: Lemongrass infusion, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Glycerine, Popylene Glycol, Carageenan extract, Lemongrass oil, Bergamot oil, Perfume, Rosewood oil, Gardenia extract, Green Glitter (Lustre holly sparkle), Methylparaben. Citrol, Geraniol, Farnesol, Limonene, Linalool.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £8.25 for 250g.

2017 Price: £8.25 for 250g.

Scent Family:
Avobath Ballistic
Avojelly Shower Jelly
Avowash/Avoshower Shower Gel
Crackersnap Ballistic
Ghost In The Dark Soap
Luck Of The Irish Bath Bomb

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  1. I've just stumbled across this because I remembered this product and thought I'd google it. I was the one who campaigned for and named this product on the old Lush forum. I've still got a tub of it somewhere! I am posting because you mentioned that you're losing it down the drain and that's because the jelly is made for smooshing into one of those bath net fluffy things (they actually made us a green one of those for the forum too!). If you do that then you get loads of lovely soft foam and a little bit goes a long way.