3 October 2015

Lush Cocktail: Sweet Dreams

Josephine's 'Sweet Dreams' Cocktail


1 Twilight Bath Bomb
Lashings Of Black Pearl Shower Gel to wash



While baths are primarily used to make you clean, most people would probably site the reason for having one as a way of relaxing and unwinding before bed. While most cocktails are going to have that effect on you, a bath filled with lavender is going to heed an even better result.

Sweet Dreams seemed like the perfect remedy to aide a peaceful night sleep - a cocktail with so much lavender in it that it would probably induce a very deep sleep for those who are sensitive to the herb. Having spent a good five weeks getting myself into a terrible sleeping pattern over the school holidays, this would have to be the cocktail that knocked me out before midnight.

To begin with I crumbled half of a Pleasure Dough Bubble Bar under the running tap. Made using lavender, rose and peppermint, this bubble bar is an earthy, floral offering from Lush and one that I can imagine being a 'love it or hate it' sort of bar. It reminds me of the smell you might find upon walking into somebodies greenhouse full of homegrown herbs - a gorgeous fresh, natural aroma that brings the outdoors into your bathroom. 

Up next was the Unicorn Horn - a product that doesn't offer much in the way of colour but does add a delicate and rather sweet lavender aroma to the bath. This worked really well with the aforementioned bubble bar as well as the other products as well - not to mention adding a colour of colourful stars to decorate the surface with.

While the water was still running, I then added in the Playdoze Bubble Bar. This gorgeous fluorescent yellow product is also packed full of lavender to give another burst of natural goodness. The colour also helped to deepen the water a little, although it still wasn't all that appealing - a translucent mossy green colour with swirls of petals from the Pleasure Dough Bubble Bar.

Dreamtime Bath Melt was next - a surprising candidate for the strongest note in this cocktail. The prominent scent in the melt is lavender, although I could pick out hints of both chamomile and sandalwood once it had been added to the bath. The melt also has a nutty element to it's fragrance which gave this cocktail a gentle creamy almond note. 

Finally, I added in the Twilight Bath Bomb. If you're looking to conserve products, you could probably halve this as the cocktail would be just as delicious. This doesn't do much in the way of changing the dull looking water, but it does offer a pretty display of colour on the surface for a while as well as a rich, creamy malty lavender aroma which tied the other products together perfectly. 

To finish up, I used Black Pearl Shower Gel although you could easily use Twilight Shower Gel if you want some of the malty goodness. This cocktail didn't look the part but it was incredibly relaxing and left me feeling and smelling gorgeous. I loved the fact that it contained five very different takes on lavender and I just know that this concoction was what helped me to sleep well that night. 

This is definitely a cocktail I will need to turn to during term time - the long days and lack of sleep always takes a toll on me, and this would be the perfect reward for working as many hours as I do in my profession. I would recommend that you try this out for yourself...and make sure you let me know what you think after you've enjoyed your night of rest! 

Rating: 9.2 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.

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