31 August 2016

Twilight Shower Jelly

There are certain products that sell whether or not they work all that effectively. I'm not saying that Lush fans will throw their money at anything without an ounce of sense, just that there are particular items that may not be the 'best they can be', but ones where consumers are willing to overlook small product flaws because the item is so sought after.

One example is Roller Bath Bomb - a ballistic that sells out in a matter of minutes every time it appears in the Kitchen, but one that is notorious for splitting, cracking and finally crumbling within a couple of months of them being made. Most Lush fans are not put off by this fact and so the bath bomb continues to be a massive seller.

Twilight Shower Jelly is a limited edition that would sell no matter what colour, size or shape Lush decided to produce it in. Being called Twilight is enough to warrant a cult following that will go to any lengths to secure themselves a tub....or twenty. It is a well known fact that Twilight is one of Lush's most popular scent families - you only have to glance at this year's Christmas releases to know this much is true.

Sharing its scent with both the shower gel and bath bomb of the same name, Twilight Shower Jelly is a feast for the senses. Judging by appearance alone, this shower jelly is perhaps the most beautifully exquisite arrangement of colour that Lush have ever managed to produce and confine to a pot. Made from a collaboration of pastel colours, each and every single tub is formed of unique swirls - combining together to form layers of iridescent purples, pinks and blues that shimmer in the light.

As I expected, there is a difference between the fragrance of the jelly and the gel, although it's not so dissimilar that Twilight fans should be at all worried. In the tub, I find that the jelly has a beautiful, sweet layer of lavender - one that retains its natural aromatic qualities but doesn't have any of the dryness that you'd usually associate with the flower. 

Alongside this, the tonka absolute layers the floral notes with a smooth, creamy vanillary aroma. This is what gives Twilight its distinct fragrance and sets it apart from the usual hum-drum of lavender scented cosmetics. How the jelly differs from the gel is that I find the tonka absolute is thicker and more domineering in the gel - it gives the scent a warmth that makes it the sultry experience that we know and love. 

Twilight Shower Jelly still has this warm, rounded tonka element but it seems to have stepped back just slightly to allow the lavender to make more of an impression. From this reason, I'd say the jelly is closer to the smell of the bath bomb than the gel. Although as I stated above, the difference isn't so big that fans of the gel will be at all disappointed.

As with all of Lush's shower jellies, you can use them in a number of different ways. You could opt to take the whole piece into the shower with you - massaging it across your skin to produce a lather to clean with. Some fans choose to dissect the piece into smaller, more manageable chunks to do the same with, or to use with a loofah. 

You could always opt to blend part or all of the jelly and turn the product back into a thick, gel-like consistency and then use it in the same way you'd use a shower gel. Some fans even use Lush jellies as a replacement for a bubble bar - cutting off a small chunk and holding it in a sieve, underneath the running water to create a surplus of fluffy bubbles to bathe in. 

I tend to use jellies in small chunks and I found that Twilight Shower Jelly works better like this, as opposed to using the whole thing at once. Disappointingly, I found that it was fairly difficult to get a huge amount of lather going, even when I did wet the jelly multiple times to try and stimulate that foam. It was easier to create suds from a smaller piece than using the whole thing, but this was the only aspect of the product that I feel let me down a little.

In its defence, the product did leave my skin feeling wonderfully smooth and the fragrance was prominent enough in the shower and on my body to see me through the whole experience. I did find that the aroma didn't linger for too long outside of the bathroom, but this was easily rectified with a spritz of the liquid perfume to keep me going.

Overall, this is a wonderful shower jelly. It smells beautiful, sports the greatest array of colours inside and outside of the tub and leaves your skin feeling as soft as a baby's. The slight variance of aroma means that Twilight Shower Jelly offers something a little different from the gel variety so there is definitely room for this brand new exclusive within the world of Lush. My two tubs may be sitting pretty on my shelf right now, but I doubt if they're going to be around for very long.

Quantitative Ingredients: Glycerine, Dried Lavender Flowers, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Propylene, Glycol, Carrageenan Extract, Perfume, Lavender Oil, Benzoin Resinoid, Tonka Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil, *Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Cinnamate, *Coumarin, *Limonene, *Linalool, Snowflake Lustre, Colour 42090, Colour 14700, Colour 45410.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £8.25 for 240g.

2017 Price: £8.25 for 240g.

Year Of Original Release: 2016.

Scent Family:
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Luxury Pud Bath Bomb
Mum In A Spin Bubble Spinner
Sleepy Body Lotion
Sleepy Hand Cream
Sleepy Naked Shower Gel
Sleepy Shower Bomb
Sleepy Shower Gel
Twilight Bath Bomb
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Twilight Shower Jelly
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  1. You are way too good at reviewing these! You made me wish I had bought one of the Twilight jellies, even though I can't stand lavender! I get so excited when I see you've posted a new review, thanks for writing them!

  2. I'm so sad that I never got to the kitchen in time to order this! This looks so gorgeous, definitely one of the nicest looking jellies that Lush have brought out to date. :)

  3. Thank you so much! I try and be as objective as I can but sometimes a product is just too good :)

  4. I've never ordered from the lush kitchen but every thing there looks so good yet including postage very expensive ... Question , if I had to buy one shower jelly which one would you recomend so I could look out for it ? Ps this review makes me sad I didn't get one ��

  5. So glad I managed to get my hands on a couple of these. I think I think the price was £8.25, with £11.25 being the price of the shower gel.

  6. I'm surprised you didn't find that the scent lingered with you. I feel like the twilight scent really lingered in the jelly.