7 October 2016

Boo Bath Melt And Bubble Bar

Let's be honest - what is not to love about a bath melt shaped like a ghost? You'd be hard-pressed to find any Lush fan who didn't at least appreciate the adorable nature of this seasonal product, even if they weren't a fan of the scent or indeed what it did in your bath. You can never have enough 'character' bath products in my eyes, and this little gem slotted in nicely between my Christmas Penguins and my Peeping Santas.

Boo Bath Melt made its first appearance for the 2016 Halloween range, although long-time Lush fans will know that it is not exclusively a brand new product in every sense of the word. Sharing its scent with the Ginger family, this winter warmer is bringing back one of Lush's oldest fragrances - introducing new fans to an established smell and rekindling long-time followers with a fan favourite.

Featuring an array of different and very contrasting ingredients - from the likes of floral favourites, bergamot and geranium; aromatic components such as ginger oil and sandalwood; and the bright and fruity mandarin oil, you'd be mistaken if you thought that this offering was complicated or overall pungent on the senses.

Instead, both the floral elements and the ginger oil combine together to create a naturally sweet, slightly spicy, floral aroma. You have all of the herbal elements of the ginger present but the other components have masked most of the heated kick that you would expect it to offer. Therefore, there is a note here that reminds me a little of high-end ginger beer, just without the fizzy element.

Alongside this you have both the geranium and the bergamot that give this bath melt a cloud of gentle floral elements that sit on top of the ginger. These give the product a slight herbal, grassy element - the mandarin oil uplifting the whole fragrance a little, without offering too much of a fruity note. Finally, the sandalwood pads out the smell a little so it's both light while having a depth that keeps on giving throughout the bath.

The first of its kind, Boo is not only a bath melt but it acts as a bubble bar as well. Simply hold it under running water or crumble into a sieve and hold this under the tap and you'll not only get all of the moisturising benefits of using a melt but you'll also be able to share the bath with a layer of fluffy, fragrant bubbles to boot.

Although this bath melt is not as potent as others of its kind, I will say that the fragrance it offers is definitely very robust and you don't lose any of it during your bath. It's strong enough that it remains on your skin for a short while after bathing, and you are able to smell it above the other products you choose to use while you're in the tub. However, it's also not one of those smells that is heavy on the senses so you won't be overwhelmed by the different components featured. 

At first look, I felt that Boo was a little expensive for the size he was. Weighing in at roughly half the size of a regular bubble bar, I thought that £3.50 was a lot for a one-use product. However, when I compared it to the £2 bath melts you can buy online and in Lush Oxford Street, I realised that this is easily twice the size of one of those, I relented to the fact that this release does reflect the normal pricing of Lush. 

On the positive side, I found that this bath melt was rather moisturising on my skin. While there weren't any puddles of oils and butters on the surface, I would feel the cocoa butter getting to work on my skin when I submerged myself, and my skin felt smooth and soft after towelling myself down.

On the negative side, Boo's design means that you wont get any colour from him in the bath and it didn't produce anywhere near as many bubbles as a regular bubble bar. For this reason, I would say that this bath melt is best used across two baths and alongside a bath bomb to add colour. However, if you're someone who dislikes heavily coloured items, this might be perfect for you.

I've managed to acquire three of these from recent hauls and I will enjoy using these during the colder winter months, when I know that I need something warming and moisturising to replenish my skin. However, this is not a product that I would want to stock up on as it's not really a favourite of mine.  

Quantitative Ingredients: Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Laureth 4, Lauryl Betaine, Titanium Dioxide, Bergamot Oil, Geranium Oil, Ginger Oil, Mimosa Absolute, Sandalwood Oil, Sicilian Mandarin Oil, Perfume, Alpha Isomethyl Ionone, Citronellol, *Limonene, *Linalool, Colour 77266.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £3.50 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2016.

Scent Family:
Badass Gel Shower Gel
Boo Bath Melt and Bubble Bar
Ginger Bath Oil
Ginger Body Lotion
Ginger Liquid Perfume
Lemon Days And Ginger Beer Bath Bomb
Sex N The Shower Emotibomb

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