20 December 2016

Green Green Bath Of Foam Bubble Bar

This year I have really struggled when it comes to getting into the festive mood. Normally, I am the one who has all of my presents bought and wrapped by the end of September; the annoying friend who winds everyone else up by playing Christmas songs months in advance. However, this year has been far too busy for my liking, and I think this may be the reason why, with only hours until the 'big day', I still find myself rather uninspired by the whole charade.

To try and coax me into enjoying the festivities, I decided to use my very first Green Green Bath Of Foam Bubble Bar. Released for the first time in the Lush Kitchen this year, this beautiful bar offers the same fragrance as the Go Green range, which currently features a body spray and solid perfume. Although I have enjoyed using both of the aforementioned fragrances, I wouldn't say that it was one of my favourite scent families from Lush. However, this bubble bar is on a whole other level.
While I fail to make a strong link between this product and the song, this bubble bar is a play on words of the original country tune 'Green Green Grass of Home'. The hit is about a man dreaming of going home and seeing his loved ones again, only to awaken on the day of his execution and realise that his wish will never be fulfilled. In fact, the only way he'll be able to do this is to be buried there after his death so that his family and friends can visit his grave under the shade of the old oak tree.

Similar in scent to the Green Day Bubble Bar, Green Green features a blend of vertivert, grapefruit, neroli and cedar leaf, combined together to create a product so incredibly fresh and so wonderfully crisp on the senses. Imagine taking an early walk through a forest on Christmas morning - a gentle layer of snow at your feet, the bitter wind nipping at your nose. As the morning dew defrosts around you, you can smell the chlorophyll of the wet shrubbery, and a gentle, sweet grassy note from the saturated leaves and flowers.
It is such a natural and very invigorating fragrance - one that is elevated by the inclusion of both the grapefruit and neroli oils, without either ingredient adding any of the fruity qualities that you might expect. The addition of the cedar leaf is the strongest component featured, and gives this bubble bar a robust, very pronounced pine smell. To finish up, Lush have also added in a touch of smoky vetivert to give the product a deep, sweet and slightly woody aroma. This latter component is very low down in the mix, and almost acts as a basket to support and carry the other elements, while offering a solid base for them to work from.  

Surprisingly, I found that the Go Green fragrance works best in this format, and it was because of how effective the smell was that made me fall in love with this bubble bar very quickly. It was definitely not one that I expected to be as enamoured with as I was, and I would definitely say that this is far superior to the Green Day Bubble Bar is almost every way.

To begin with, the design is wonderful - a vibrant emerald-green cone that has been shaped to look a little like a Christmas tree, and adorned with red peppercorns for decoration. Although these tend to fall off fairly quickly, they don't cause any mess in the bath tub, and can be removed before use if you're at all worried about them being washed away down the drain afterwards.
What is great about this bubble bar is that it is the perfect consistency to crumble under the running tap, and I found that a third of it was more than suffice to offer me a beautiful bathing experience. As well as turning the water a vivid shade of green, Green Green Bath Of Foam produced a very generous amount of soft, silky bubbles, and I thoroughly enjoyed submerging myself beneath them.

Furthermore, I was really impressed to find that the fragrance of this product stayed with me throughout the entire experience, and I was able to detect the scent on both my skin and my hair afterwards. Moreover, the bubble bar was really moisturising, without being at all greasy, and I really appreciated how soft and smooth my body felt - particularly my hands as they were looking and feeling rather weathered at the time.

Overall, I feel really grateful that I managed to pick up a handful of these bars because I was not expecting to love them as much as I did. While they are definitely geared towards more of a festive feel, I can't help but think that these would also work well in the spring/summer months, as a light and refreshing option when the weather is a little warmer. 
Green Green Bath Of Foam Bubble Bar is a product that I would definitely be interested in buying again, and I do hope that this is not the last time they are seen in the Lush Kitchen. If you have one of these lying around, and you've lost your Christmas spirit, I would highly recommend that you try it out for size and see how you feel afterwards. While I am still nowhere near wanting to air guitar to Slade, or adorn a Santa hat at all, I am definitely a little further away from the Scrooge I felt like before using this gorgeous product.

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar (Tartaric acid), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lauryl Betaine, Perfume, *Limonene, Cocamide DEA, Grapefruit Oil (Citrus grandis), Bergamot Oil (Citrus bergamia), Frankincense Oil (Boswelia carterii), *Linalool, Hydroxycitronellol, Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides), D&C Green No. 8, D&C Blue No.1, Lustre Holly Sparkle (Potassium Silicate, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Yellow No.5, FD&C Blue No.1), Red Peppercorns (Piper Nigrum).

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £3.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2007.
Scent Family:
Go Green Liquid Body Spray
Go Green Solid Perfume
Green Green Bath Of Foam Bubble Bar
Squeaky Green Solid Shampoo


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