7 May 2017

Plum Rain Body Spray

My heart almost skipped a beat when I learnt about the numerous body sprays that there making themselves available across various stores earlier last month, and this wasn't just because I have a real interest and passion in collecting 'Lush smells.' While many of the ones released were fragrances I already owned in perfume format, there was one that stood out as being a potential 'all-time favourite'...

Plum Rain made a huge impression on me when it first made itself known as a shower gel last year in the London Flagship store. Not only was the colour one of the most wonderful shades that Lush have ever created, but the smell was incredible. Fresh and wholesomely fruity, the release was a hit in my house - so much so that I went out the very next day and bought myself another 500g bottle.

Fans of the shower gel will be pleased to hear that the body spray is equally as beautiful, and lends itself well to this format so well. Containing osmanthus, pettigrain and mandarin oils, this is a fragrance that is perfectly suited for the warmer months, which is surprising because I feel as if the shower gel is better equipped for the colder months.

From the very first comforting spray, I was bowled over by how refreshing and how natural the scent presents itself as. On the one hand, it smells exactly like a freshly-squeezed mandarin, with the osmanthus oil offering notes of peach and apricot to pad out the smell and give it a little more depth and complexity. At the same time, the pettigrain offers a well-versed burst of 'greeness ', which doesn't constrict or alter the fruity components, but instead adds a subtle layer that gives this spray a very natural feel about it. Without trying to diminish how natural and delicious it is, there is a small part of me that would describe this spray as smelling a little like tropical Fanta.

While similar, I do feel as if Plum Rain Body Spray is not a direct replica of the shower gel. There is something a little less constricted about the spray: something that makes it lighter and more appealing in my eyes. Like a fresh glass of freshly-squeezed juice, this spray is deliciously fruity and will have you salivating from the start. Although it may be nondescript for those who prefer heavy, complex smells, I for one believe that this one excels because of its simplicity.

Retailing at £20, this spray is less of an investment than a 30ml bottle of perfume, making it outstanding value for money and one I am not afraid to use over and over and over again. Having used it multiple times a day for the past few weeks, I can honestly say that this 200ml spray will outlast any bottle of perfume you may have, and then some. Furthermore, the longevity I experienced whilst wearing this was equally as impressive. Two sprays will easily heed a good three to four hours worth of fragrance, and I would often be able to smell it on my coat and scarf after a full day at work - meaning it has the potential to linger for seven to eight hours at time. This is surprising given how little fragrances of the fruity kind usually tend to last on the skin. 

Plum Rain has certainly secured itself as my number one summer scent this year, and I shall be wearing this most days between now and the end of the warmer months. Refreshing, delectably fruity and wonderfully crisp, this is the perfect fragrance to compliment the warmer weather, and you'll feel delicious each and every time you choose to indulge. An incredible release from Lush.

Quantitative Ingredients: DRF Alcohol, Water (Aqua), Perfume, *Limonene, Glycerine, Osmanthus Absolute, Petitgrain Oil, Sicilian Mandarin Oil, *Citral, *Geraniol, *Linalool.

Vegan?: Yes. 

2017 Price: £20 for 200ml.

Year Of Original Release: 2017.

Scent Family:
Hedgewitch Soap
Plum Pudding Bath Melt
Plum Rain Body Spray
Plum Rain Naked Shower Gel
Plum Rain Shower Gel
Plum Snow Bubble Bar
Ticket To Scrub Salt Scrub

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