11 May 2014

Bom Perignon Bath Bomb

As a person who claims to love all things citrusy, this bath bomb should have ticked all of the right boxes. Made from a combination of citrus oils, with surprisingly little else, Bom Perignon is a fruity and sophisticated play on the much loved Champagne. But how does it compare to the famous brand?

When these bath bombs arrived in the post, it didn't take me more than a few seconds to catch my first whiff of the wonderful fragrance. The uplifting tangerine and grapefruit oils really dominate this smell and give it a scent not that far off the likes of Avobath, Hippy Chick and The Brightside. However, although all of these products share similarities in their overall smell, they are not identical, and neither is this one.

To me, Bom Perignon is a fizzy, sherbety offering that possesses a slightly sour note. It reminded me very much of Refresher Bars - that bright, zesty citrus aroma with an added powdery fragrance. I cannot say I've drunk a lot of champagne in my day, but it doesn't really remind me of the glasses I have enjoyed (perhaps I'm drinking the wrong kind!) - it's a lot more sweeter than the tipple it's supposedly emulating. 
The bath bomb is definitely not one of Lush's most attractive - a pale peachy, pink coloured design that I believe is supposed to look like a bottle, but which reminds me a little of a Christmas bauble. Neither is this ballistic all that impressive in the water; it fizzes away very quickly, dispelling it's scent in record speed and leaving the water unchanged from how it was before the product was added. 

Lush claim that this bath bomb turns the water a delicate peachy colour, allowing you to bask in a tub of, what should feel and smell like, Champagne. Unfortunately, once I had immersed myself in the bath, I couldn't detect it's scent at all, and the water remained a boring clear-coloured disappointment. 

Bom Perignon did leave my skin rather smooth and soft, but I didn't feel it offered anything more than what most other Lush bath bombs would do anyway. Furthermore, I wasn't able to smell the beautiful oils on my skin at all, and because of the lack of scent in the bath, I didn't feel the whole experience was anywhere near as uplifting as I was hoping. 

Much like the recent Hippy Chick Ballistic, this is another product that offers Lush customers a wonderful smelling product, with simple few ingredients to keep things natural. Unfortunately, there is not enough here to justify buying it again. I ended up using both of my other ones alongside other products, just to top up it's scent, which makes it a very expensive investment. I would definitely not buy this again. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Tangerine Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Citral, Limonene, Perfume, Colour 18050.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £3 each.
2016 Price: £3.50 each.


  1. I feel like the addition of golden luster would've made this one a little more exciting and reminiscent of champagne!

    1. I think this would be a lovely touch. I'm surprised that they didn't too be honest as we all know how much Lush love lustre :)

  2. Is this one the same scent as the golden wonder or different?

    1. This is different! This is more grapefruity and has a stronger, zestier element to it. It's still delicious though!