20 May 2014

Floating Island Luxury Bath Melt

As looks go, Floating Island Melt is very boring; it looks like a portion of vanilla pudding that's been left out for too long and has gone a little hard. Even so, Lush don't supply their luxurious bath melts to put on a show like a ballistic, or create a mound of bubbles like a bubble bar; instead they're made to relax your mind and give you a sensual, hydrating and fully moisturising experience in the bath. 

Priced at £4.15 for the 100g wedge, this actually works out as the cheapest bath melt available from the Lush store. However, I consider this, and all of the other melts, to be a product that you buy as a seldom treat for yourself if you want that extra-special bath. I say this because, I wouldn't suggest using any of these bath melts on their own - they're more something you break in half and add to the bath alongside a ballistic, just to make the water a little softer. 

As you can see from my demo, I used the whole of Floating Island in my bath, but this was only to show readers what the product does in the water. Normally, I would halve this and add it in alongside either a Dragon's Egg or an Avobath, to give it that extra sensual touch.  

Floating Island shares it's fragrance with the now discontinued Whitewash Shower Smoothie - a light, sweet sandalwood and cocoa butter scented bath melt. Sandalwood is a really therapeutic ingredient; packed with goodness that helps skin to retain it's moisture as well as counteracting depression by lifting the mood with it's citrus smell. The addition of cocoa butter and almond oil adds to the creaminess of this melt, and helps to soften the water. It's a subtle mellow smell that reminds me a little of the custard powder you can buy in tins. 

You can use this product in one of two ways; As you can see from my video, I choose to drop it into my tub and leave it to gently melt away by itself. This particular melt took almost 10 minutes to fully dissolve, meaning that you can get in while it's doing it's job and relax while it softens the water around you. Secondly, you can choose to crumble this melt under the running water. Either way, Floating Island produces a sea of creamy white foam that rests on the surface and washes away without staining the tub. 

I chose to use the whole bath melt this time around, and was a little disappointed that the fragrance was still very mild in the tub. In fact, unless you made an effort to sniff the water, you could barely smell anything at all. Furthermore, the product didn't leave my water anywhere near as soft and velvety as other bath melts I've tried. There was no drops of cocoa butter or any oils dispersed in the water, so I didn't feel anywhere near as moisturised as I would expect from one of Lush's luxurious bath melts.

Overall, although it smelt nice in the shop, It didn't leave an impression at all in the bath, and I've been moisturised a lot better by most of Lush's regular bubble bars. For the price I paid, I was expecting an amazing experience. Unfortunately, the price tag did not match it's performance, and it's not one I'd buy again.
Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Cocoa Butter, Laureth 4, Perfume, Almond Oil, Water, Sandalwood Oil, Lemon Oil, Labdanum Resinoid, Limonene.

Vegan?: Yes. 

2015 Price: £4.35 for 100g.

Scent Family:
Floating Island Bath Melt
Floating Island Bath Oil
Whitewash Shower Smoothie


  1. Hi there - thanks for your comment. I really wish I did like this more, but when I compare it to some of Lush's other bath melts, it pales in comparison. Like I always say though - this is just my opinion and there's obviously thousands of people who love this as Lush continue to sell it as a regular item. :)

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