11 October 2015

A Blast From The Past - Happy Gift Set

When I first began using and collecting Lush products, I didn't even want to attempt collecting and reviewing the gift sets. Despite the irony that my Lush obsession initially stemmed from the gift sets that I received from family and friends, I wanted to focus on individual products so I could build up an inventory to help others. 

However, last Christmas I found myself buying an awful lot of the gift sets, marvelling the different boxes and tins that Lush were offering the collections in, and herein sparkled my obsession with trying as many gift sets as I possibly can. While I tend to stick to the seasonal ones as opposed to the regular sets, I can't help but get excited when I discover older sets on eBay. 

I purchased this gift set for a bargain price a couple of weeks ago and couldn't wait to rip off the wrapper and see what was inside. Despite the fact that it was first released in 2003 and knowing that the products inside were most likely unusable, there was something magical and rather exciting about opening a gift set that has been untouched for near on 12 years. 

This set contains: 

Sicilian Bath Bomb
Ginger man Bath Ballistic

While there were a few products that I had never tried in this set, I was most excited for Irresistible Bliss as it is my all-time favourite shampoo. Surprisingly, this is the one product that seems to have stood the test of time and is currently being used by myself with amazing results. 

After Lush brought out three old gift sets last Christmas, I really hope that they branch out this year and bring out more retro gift sets such as this one. There is something very alluring about older Lush products - whether it be their old-school packaging or the history behind the goodies you get. Either way, this was a great experience for a Lush connoisseur and I hope its not the last time I get to do this.    

Video Of Unboxing:


  1. Are the other products in the box usable still?

  2. Having now tried them all, they were all still usable aside from the Sicilian Bath Bomb that did absolutely nothing in the bath, and the Sunny Citrus Soap was a little dry and didn't lather up very much! Using the Irresistible Bliss Solid Shampoo and Therapy? Bar now and they're great :)

  3. this is insane! great find jen!