24 October 2015

Lush Cocktail: Sweetsy Lust

Ink's 'Sweetsy Lust' Cocktail




Let's be honest - this cocktail requires an awful lot of products, so is probably one of the most expensive ones I've tried to date. While I am more than happy to test it out and review it for others, I'm aware that many will view this as a little too wasteful to be a regular bath. 

However, I will go ahead and say that this one is really worth the investment. In fact, you could easily half the Sunnyside and Creamy Candy portions, and perhaps even half the Shoot For The Stars if you're being careful with your products, and still enjoy a super amazing cocktail.

What is great about Sweetsy Lust is that all of the products are so vastly different in scent and colour, yet something about the sweetness that all four of them elevate allows for this cocktail to work, and work well. Furthermore, aside from Floating Island, both of the bubble bars are regular products that can be purchased at any time, and while you'd lose a little colour in the water, Shoot For The Stars can be replaced with Honey Bee when the Christmas stuff is not available. 

To begin with, I crumbled the Sunnyside Bubble Bar under the running tap. What started out as a product that I wasn't that fussed about, has since grown into one my favourite bubble bars - one that works well in pretty much any cocktail and adds that golden glow that makes the experience that little bit more special.

This bubble bar has a lovely citrus scent and offers a heap of golden lustre that swirls and pulsates under the water during the whole experience. Yet it doesn't make a mess of your tub and will wash away with ease afterwards. It also doesn't paint your skin with lustre either so you don't have to worry about leaving the bath looking like a glitter ball. 

Next I crumbled the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar under the running water and watched as the water instantly darkened and became a very beautiful golden colour. The vanilla and candy floss scent also intertwined with the citrus aroma already present and created a gorgeously uplifting and sweet fragrance. 

Once the water had finished running, I then added in the Floating Flower Ballistic. This has quite a strong jasmine smell - sharing its scent with the Lust family. While I thought it might overpower the other elements, it instead worked really well with the sweet and citrusy elements - losing some of its pungency and offering a delicate floral scent to give the cocktail another layer of smell. 

Finally, I added in the Shoot For The Stars which again changed the colour of the water - deepening it a little more and creating a beautiful pastel purple haven that I couldn't wait to submerge myself beneath. The Honey I Washed The Kids fragrance that it carries was the perfect finish to this cocktail - mixing the sweet and the citrus with the floral perfectly. 

While I do have a sweet tooth, I don't often want to indulge in a strictly candy-orientated bath. Sweetsy Lust has kept this in mind and introduced me to a way of getting my sugary fix but with some depth and a little more sophistication. Although this might have been an expensive cocktail to make, I will definitely be stocking up on my Shoot For The Stars so I can appreciate this every so often.    

Rating: 9.1 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.


  1. Hi Jen, Any ideas for a substitution for Flower Bomb? I don't have that one and it sounds great!:)

    1. You could perhaps add a small piece of Yes Yes Yes Massage Bar, if you want the same fragrance! Otherwise, I'd say leave it out altogether as it is the Shoot For The Stars that steals the limelight :)

  2. Thank you!I love Shoot For The Stars:)

  3. I have a Lush Cocktail for you Jen;

    That Luscious Fruit by Jack Doyle

    For The Bath;
    1 Razzle Dazzle bath oil
    1/4 The Comfoter bubble bar
    As much as you want for the Snakes And Ladders Fun bar
    1 Blackberry bath bomb

    To wash with;
    The Comfoter shower cream

    To pamper with;
    Cranberry face mask

    Hope you enjoy my cocktail!