17 October 2015

Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb Differences Over The Years

As a self-proclaimed Lord of Misrule Obsessive, I was rather intrigued to notice that have been clear differences in the colour and consistency of this bath bomb over the last couple of years. This short video demonstrates just three of the ballistics I have acquired and how they each work. 

While all three still tower above every other bath bomb I have ever tried from Lush, I definitely prefer the dark, alluring colours of the 'Lush In July' addition - what is your favourite? 


  1. Great videos!The first one I bought was last year and it turned the water an ugly brownish shade. I used one this month and it was a beautiful, rich red purple!:)
    The video from Australia's bomb was pretty!

    1. It definitely is! People have had such vast experiences when it comes to this bath bomb. The rich red/purple ones are definitely the best!