14 October 2015

Lush Cocktail: Spring Fields

Lili's 'Spring Fields' Cocktail


Lashings Of Rose Jam Shower Gel



While sorting through my bath bomb collection the other day, I realised that I still had ample ballistics and bubble bars from the Christmas sale. This concerned me a little when the Christmas 2015 collection was about to make it into the stores and I still had produce from the previous year. It was time to pick a few cocktails that featured some of these older products. 

When I initially saw the name Spring Fields, I was sitting in my kitchen at the time - staring out of the window at the damp and dark ruins of yet another Saturday afternoon. I knew this would be the perfect remedy to pick me up and remind me of the fact that we did have a little helping of sun this summer, and that there's a good chance it won't be raining at some point in the near future...

I began this cocktail by crumbling half of a Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar under the running tap - a product that has been made even more beautiful by the reformulated recipe and design that Lush updated recently. This gorgeous Olive Branch scented bubble bar produces an impressive amount of bubbles - perhaps one of the most generous ones currently available. 

The edition I had also turned the water a beautiful pastel purple colour and offered a strong tangerine and floral aroma -a fragrance light enough to be refreshing and 'summery', but strong enough to be as equally comforting as a thick blanket on a cold night. 

Next I added in a few good squirts of Rose Jam Shower Gel, which just added a delicious sugary-sweet rose aroma and overpowered the bubble bar a little. As other people have rightfully commented on, this shower gel is so good at producing bubbles and I couldn't believe how much my 'blanket of fluff' grew in a matter of minutes. 

This shower gel is packed full of essential oils as well so it helped to soften the water a little and make it the perfect consistency for a moisturising bath. By this point, the water wasn't particularly attractive to look at but the smells that were elevating from it were making me salivate.

To finish up, I added in my last Sakura Bath Bomb - a product that was reintroduced last year and has grown on me a lot over time. This ballistic has a light but very beautiful orange blossom smell - one that works with most products to elevate the scent and give it that crisp, floral aroma. 

Despite its age, the product frothed on the surface and produced a beautiful smell that finished off this cocktail perfectly. I only had to submerge myself under the water for a few minutes, to recognise why the name of this is true to the experience you get from these products being added together. 

The different floral elements of both the bath bomb and the shower gel, intertwined with the sweet, citrus element of the bubble bar took me back to memories of enjoying picnics in Richmond park and relishing in the sun on my weekly walks to Pinner. If it wasn't for the lack of colour, this probably would have scored a lot higher than it did.  

Rating?: 8.5 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.

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