1 March 2016

Happy Mothers' Day Gift Set

I have got myself into a bad habit - one that has seen me buy at least one gift set from every seasonal release this year so far. While they do work out more expensive because of the luxury of having a set prepared and readily available for a loved one, there is something rather exciting about many of the designs that Lush have to offer.  

With the excitement following the release of this year's Mothers' Day selection, I almost overlooked this particular gift set - until i went back over my feed, spotted the beauty that was the Happy Mothers' Day Gift Set, and set about gushing over the packaging until i had it firmly planted in my hands.

Aside from the fantastic range of products featured inside, this gift set speaks for itself. The tin can container is designed to be used as both a form of storage  (perhaps for your increasing Lush collection if you're like me), or as a home for an array of wonderful flowers - the seeds of which come as part of the set.

Upon opening the lid, I found a collection of six miniature flowers made out of paper - inside of each harvesting a number of wild flower seeds that are supposed to be planted in the very container that holds the rest of the goodies. Once the Lush products have been used, the metal bucket can be filled with soil and the seeds planted to bring some much-needed colour to a window ledge or patio space.

This set features:
Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter (non vegan)
Helping Hands Hand Cream (non vegan)

Aside from the gorgeous design, the selection of products featured inside are beautiful - a set that combines an array of seasonal products with a few of their regular items. With both shower and bath goodies, this collection would easily last someone a good few weeks - perhaps long enough to bring some much needed sunshine to their lives until the actual sun decides to make an appearance.   

There is something in here for every occasion - whether you want to capture the sunlight in your tub or bask in the floral powers of Rose Bombshell or Yummy Mummy. For the price, this is a steal, and one I would buy a few of if I could afford it. If there's one gift you buy this year - for yourself or for a loved one, this would be my number one recognition.  

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £35.50 each.


  1. Looks lovely!! I love the mini sunrise soap :) .. let me know if you need someone to take those non-vegan items off your hands ;)

  2. Lovely review! What happened to rose bombshell ? xx

  3. I never buy gift sets normally but have heavily hinted that I might NEED to receive this one on Sunday. As there is a large Lush bag in our bedroom that I'm not allowed to look at I suspect he's listened. ;)

  4. Creamy cocoa fairy cocktail:
    1/2 creamy candy bubble bar
    1 Yuzu and cocoa bubbleroon
    lashing of snow fairy shower gel

  5. Ugh!! I wanted to buy this one so badly, I don't know why I held out until it was too late and sold out :( looks beautiful!