Mother's Day

Key - All products highlighted in red were new to Lush that year.

Bubble Bars & Bath Melts - GRL Power Bubble Bar
Shower - Goddess Soap, Mamma Mia Shower ScrubRaspberry Milkshake Soap, Strawberry Hill Shower Bomb.
Random - Goddess Liquid Perfume, Goddess Perfume Oil, Goddess Solid Perfume, Goddess Washcard, Hunny Bear Massage Bear.
Gift Sets - Girl Power, Happy Mother's Day, Mum, Petal Power, Floral Kaleidoscope, Thanks. 
Knot Wraps: The Butterfly Effect, Floral Kaleidoscope, Free As A Bird, Marguerite Pracatan, Mother Nature.

Gift Sets - Happy Mother's Day, Honey Mummy, Incredible Mum, Mum, Pretty As A Picture, Thanks Mum. 
Knot Wraps: Mum, Who's A Pretty Knot Wrap, Wild Flowers.

Bath Bombs- Mother Earth, Mum, Ups-A-Daisy
Bubble Bars & Bath Melts - Baa Bar Bubble Bar, Elsie The Giraffe (You're Havin' A Bath) Reusable Bubble BarLadybird Bubble Bar, Your Mother Should Know.
Shower - Pink Custard Shower Jelly, Scrubee Body Butter (non vegan), Sunrise SoapYummy Mummy Shower Cream.
Random - Honey Lip Scrub (non vegan).
Gift Sets - Best Friends, For Mum, Happy Mother's Day, Mum, Take Five, Thanks Mum. 
Knot Wraps: Bright Bouquet, Hydrangea, Lily, Poppy, Tulip.

Gift Sets - Love You, Mum, Mother's Day, Mum. 


Bath Bombs- Inhale Exhale, Secret Garden.  

Bath BombsSecret Garden.  
Bubble Bars & Bath Melts - Madame Butterfly Wand, Mumkin Bubble Bar, Mum Tulip Wand, The Mum Reusable Bubble Bar, The Washing Up Fairy.


Bubble Bars & Bath Melts - Madame Butterfly Wand, Mum Tulip Wand (Old Edition), The Mum Reusable Bubble Bar, The Washing Up Fairy. 
Soap - Putty In Your Hands.
Gift Sets - Happy Mother's Day, Mamma Mia.


Bubble Bars & Bath Melts - 
Soap - 
Gift Sets 


Bubble Bars & Bath Melts - Candy Fluff Flower Ballistic, Sakura Flower Ballistic, Still Life Flower Ballistic. 
Gift Sets - Mum, Mum.


  1. Where did you find the release of the upcoming mothers day stuff? I wanna learn about them!!!

    1. Instagram! There's lots of pictures! It's all coming out this Friday :)

  2. I cant find them!!! AHHHH! ;) do you have a link?

    1. If you click on my Instagram feeds at the side of my blog and look there, they should be there. Also, if you search @lushmom she has quite a few now. I hope this helps!

  3. Dear Jen when I try to click the link for the Mumkin Bubble Bar it leads me to a page that says something about The Page Does Not Exist On This Blog or something like that. Please fix this as I want to get prepared for the Kitchen next week!

  4. do you know when the 2016 range I sbeing announced? thanks!

    1. All I can say is very soon. I do you know the date they are coming out in store. However, I have been sworn to secrecy and I would not want to break that with the person who told me. All I can say is that you will not be waiting very long at all because things will start appearing very very soon…

    2. Thank you very much! i'm so excited!

  5. hello! would you consider making the green text more pronounced? it's barely discernible from the black text for me, unless i tilt the screen to an angle that's hard to read at. thank you !

  6. How long after the UK are seasonal ranges released in the US?

  7. Hey Jen! I was wondering if you had any interest in the Hand of Friendship soap released in North America for the Refugees Welcome campaign. I have an extra piece and wanted to know if you might be willing to trade a Sunflower Bubble Bar for it? I really love the idea of Sunflower, but I obviously can't get my hands on it. :( Let me what you think.


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