29 January 2014

Starcraft Facial Cleanser

Ever since I discovered 9 to 5 cleaning lotion, my complexion has been transformed; my pores are clean, my skin feels fresh and rejuvenated, my face feels toned and resilient. It is the number one product I turn to to remove unwanted make-up and clear my pores at the end of a long day. It has worked wonders to keep my face looking and feeling youthful so anything that's looking to replace it, has big boots to fill. 

When Starcraft made it's appearance back in early 2013, in one of Lush's retro releases, I was initially hesitant to try it. Why change something that isn't broken to begin with, right? However, curiosity got the better of me and I ended up purchasing a small bottle to try.

Lush says: "Lift your skin to another dimension - We crafted this cleanser using oats, almond oil, honeysuckle and lavender infusions and lavender essential oil, to make your skin feel clean and heavenly soft". On paper, this product sounded wonderful. But how would it compare to my staple cleanser?

Like 9 to 5, Starcraft is a liquid cleanser and to use it you simply smooth it over your face, massaging it into your skin before wiping away the access gently with a cotton pad. What's great about this cleaner is that it has a thick consistency, meaning the application is easy and less messy than my favourite. You'll find that the cotton pad will harvest lots of excess dirt and grime, despite you having just had a shower, which makes you feel really good and your skin clear. I tend to ensure that there's a little more product around my eyes, which I use to wipe away make-up, and I found that this cleanser is just as good as 9 to 5 at removing stubborn mascara and eyeliner as well. 

Starcraft uses both almond oil and lavender as it's key ingredients, which gives it a really lovely nutty floral scent whilst leaving your skin feeling smooth to the touch. The only issue I found with the cleanser, is that it can make your face quite greasy if you put too much on at once, so I suggest you experiment until you find the right amount for you.

Having used this product daily for the last few weeks, I am still amazed at how soft my skin feels after use. It's a lovely, light cleanser that does exactly what you expect it to. Unfortunately, this was only sold in 100g bottles, and as part of a limited release, so it's not a cleanser you could include in your regular routine. It also means that it does work out more expensive than 9 to 5, which is why it won't be replacing my favourite cleanser any time soon. However, now that Lush have brought it back, I will purchase a few more bottles to use alongside my usual products.

Quantitative Ingredients: Water, Oat Milk, Almond Oil, Honeysuckle Flower Infusion, Lavender Flower Infusion, Stearic Acid, Cetearyl Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Glycerine, Lavender Oil, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

Vegan?: Yes

2015 Price: £6.25 for 100g. 
2016 Price: £6.50 for 100g. 

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  1. I was browsing the kitchen yesterday and saw this and was curious so of course the first thing I did was to look it up on your blog :)
    I ordered it (as well as Heavenly bodies and Nutts among other things) and I'm so excited :)