28 January 2014

Magic Wand Re-usable Bubble Bar

On paper, this product sounds like a dream; a Snow Fairy-fragranced 'wand' designed to fill your tub with an elixir of candy-scented bubbles. As the name suggests, this resembles that of a wand, with a pink star-shaped bubble bar attached to a wooden stick. Adorning the wand is a ribbon and a little bell, which is there for aesthetic purposes only.

Pre 2015 Design
To look at, this bubble bar is rather magical, and is a great piece to add to a gift set or as a stocking filler. It would appeal to young girls and those who like feminine looking products, as well as being a great value purchase for those who want to invest in something fun and affordable for their children. It's definitely one of Lush's more unique seasonal products, and I can imagine it being one of their biggest sellers as well. 
What's great about this bubble bar, is that it can be used multiple times, which makes it exceedingly good value for money. In fact, I managed to get six good quality baths out of a single bar, and as long as you keep it stored somewhere dry in-between uses, there's no reason why you can't stretch this to ten baths, if not more. 

How you use the wand is simple; just run a bath and then swirl the bubble bar around in the water, like you would a wand in the air. You'll find that the water begins to turn pink instantaneously and within a few seconds, large mounds of silky-soft bubbles begin to form. This part is probably the product's most appealing aspect; for one, it means you can choose how much to use each time, and secondly, the action of waving it like a wand, is a fun factor that kids will love. 

The scent is a sugary-sweet candy floss scented bubble bar, with hints of bubblegum and strawberry milkshake thrown in there for good measure. If anything, it's one of Lush's most synthetic-smelling products. 

Unfortunately, after the initial look and sniff, the Magic Wand wasn't all that exciting for me. For one, the product had a harsh underlying smell, which took away from the Snow Fairy scent that I know and love. At first, I thought that perhaps my wand was on the old side, and that it had started to deteriorate a little, causing the potent smell. However, I bought a newer one to compare and found that, that too had a strange, almost bleach-like undertone to it. 

Secondly, there's the small issue of having to store it in-between uses. Now obviously, this isn't a major concern, but it is something that you have to consider. Leaving it on or around the bath, just causes it to leak and shrink due to the moisture present; leaving it anywhere when it isn't dry will cause it to leak quite profusely and stain window ledges and cupboards if you're not careful.
Another issue I found was that the bar sometime deposits pieces of the bubble bar at the bottom of the tub, which isn't a nice experience when you find yourself resting on the gritty residue. Furthermore, for a bubble bar, it certainly didn't produce as many bubbles as other, regular products do. 

However, I will give it credit for it's moisturising properties; this product definitely does produce soft, velvety water that leaves your skin feeling really smooth and rejuvenated. Ultimately, I can see this being a popular product around the Christmas period, more so for the female species than the male. However, I much prefer my Snow Fairy in a bottle.
Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Carbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Glycerine, Lauryl Betaine, Perfume, Titanium Dioxide, Synthetic Musk, Methyl Ionone, Benzyl Benzoate, Colour 45410, Colour 17200, Colour 14700.

Vegan?: Yes. 

2014 Price: £4.95 each.
2015 Price: £5.25 each.

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2015 Design

Pre-2015 Design


  1. Hiii, I have a question, does the glitter of this bubble bar stay on the body and on the bath?

  2. We offer a large selection of real magic wands, including hardwood harry potter magic wands, copper healing wands, subtle energy amulets, wizard kits and leather journals.

  3. No it does not. The shimmer on this bar is only on the top and minimal so will only be in the first use and will wash away with ease. There will be no staining either, on the bath or your body.