12 January 2014

Lush Christmas 2013 Gifts Unwrapped

I wouldn't normally purchase gift sets for myself, unless I loved the packaging enough to spend money on it. However, there were a number of beautiful looking gifts in the Lush Boxing Day sale, so I couldn't resist picking up a few. Most of these products will be reviewed individually, if they have not been already, but I wanted to celebrate the excitement of opening these well-crafted gifts with those of you who weren't able to get your hands on these this year. Enjoy.


I'm not even that big a fan of Fun, and this isn't technically a Christmas gift box as Lush released this a few months before the Christmas range came out. However, it does feature a limited edition seasonal product. 

I bought this solely for the tin as it immediately grabbed my attention when it appeared online. I began thinking about all the wonder things I could store in here (yes, I am that person), but wasn't willing to pay the £26 price tag for a glorified box. However, when I saw it was half price in the sale, I just knew I had to get it. 

It comes with a nicely sized chunk of all six varieties of FUN, as well as some plastic 'cookie' cutters to aid your artistic endeavours; a perfect gift to keep children and adults entertained for hours! 


This is a lovely gift set for people who like citrus smells. Although not technically vegan (the inclusion of Whoosh Shower Jelly), I again bought this for it's packaging and will give the jelly away to one of my flatmates. 

This is definitely a gift set for fans of citrus-scented shower products. Firstly, I got a nice big chunk of Snow Globe, which although I rated very lowly in my review, I found that this piece was a lot stronger in scent than the chunk I reviewed. I might give it a second chance.

Next up was a small sample of Red FUN and a small 100g bottle of Ponche Shower Gel (can never have too much of this!).

Santa's Grotto

I was really excited to get my hands on not one, but two Santa's Grotto gift sets, which were very reasonably priced at under £10 in the sale. This is the first time I have purchased Lush scarfs, which are super soft and beautifully decorated; I'll definitely reuse these later on in the summer to accessorise my outfits. 

This gift set is a fantastic present for those who love their baths, as it featured a Cinders bath bomb, a Father Christmas, a Snowman and a Secret Santa Ballistic.  

Sweet Christmas

Another non-vegan gift set but my flatmates were more than happy to help me 'dispose' of the product I couldn't use (how thoughtful of them!). This a beautiful, feminine-looking gift set, that also happens to be rather on the big size.

This is a set that would be best suited for someone who doesn't have a specific favourite sort of cosmetic and would enjoy being exposed to a range of different scents and products.  For the bath, you have Think Pink bath bomb, a Magic Wand Bubble Bar and a Candy Mountain Bubble Bar. For the shower, you have a rather lovely bottle of Rose Jam (although I feel this is slightly out of place with the scent-theme going on here - I would have expected Snow Fairy instead). You also have a Sweetie Pie Jelly and a rather large slab of Sultana of Soap, which you do have to be careful with as it's rather soft and does tend to rub off on other products. 

Finally, you have a lovely tub of Bubblegum Lip Scrub and a tin of Honey Trap Lip balm.


This is a great little gift set to add to someone's stocking, or as a little extra surprise to go alongside a main gift. It features three sample-sized pieces of Red, Green and Gold FUN, wrapped in a cute little stripy box. I can imagine this being a great gift for children to fiddle and play around with Christmas Day evening, when they're winding down for bed. 

 Winter Garden

I was fascinated by Lush's 'bauble' gift sets this year, and rather gutted that I couldn't get my hands on their Shooting Stars edition. However, Winter Garden is still a lovely, sophisticated looking gift set with a selection of rich, floral scents for the more sensual audience. 

In this set you get; a small 100g bottle of Rose Jam Shower Gel, a large slab of Sultana of Soap, a small tub of Ro-Argan Body Conditioner and a sample pot of Helping Hands.

This year's gift set range was exciting, colourful and beautifully presented, and I think they'll find it hard to top it next year. Not to worry, they still have a good 350 days to outdo themselves. 

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