7 March 2015

Rainbow Bright Easter Gift Set 2015

I've realised something when it comes to the seasonal ranges - while to works out a few pence more than buying them individually, it's worth me purchasing a few gift sets so I can review the collections as well as the products inside. When I saw Rainbow Bright, I knew this was one I had to invest in. 

Decorated in a beautiful, brightly-coloured piece of wrapping, and finished off with a sparkly-gold ribbon, this small gift set is aimed at those who either don't have a bath or just simply prefer to indulge in the shower. Featuring a couple of Lush's Easter range, this is a collection for those who want to try out two of the company's brand new releases. 

This gift set includes:

Priced up at £10.95, this is the perfect gift if you're looking to surprise someone with a little something to cheer them up. As someone who has recently had a few friends go through some quite tough situations, this is something I would be more than happy to purchase to add some colour into their lives. 

About this set, Lush claim that 'a bright and cheerful chunk of the rainbow will wash away your blues' while the 'golden jelly will have you skipping down the yellow brick road.' 

I love the fact that these two products each have very different fragrances so despite there only being two products in the set, the lucky recipient will get to enjoy two completely different experiences. Not only this, but Lush are known for their vast collection of soaps and their unique shower jelly format, so newbies have a chance to experience two of Lush's strongest aspects as a company. 

After using these two products, I can guarantee that you'll be wanting to stock up on these seasonal beauties before they've been discontinued. Not only this, but both the wrapping and ribbon can be re-used to offer a beautiful alternative when wrapping your next birthday present. A lovely little glimpse into the wonderful world that is Lush Easter!

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £10.95 each.

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