15 March 2015

Lush Cocktail: Golden Hour

Anonymous' Golden Hour Cocktail 




Sometimes it's the simplest of ideas that are the best. In the case of this cocktail, this much is true. With only two ingredients, Golden Hour is a cocktail for all seasons - one that's fruity and refreshing for the warmer weather, but equally uplifting and playful for those colder months. 

If you're looking to conserve your Lush products, you could easily halve both of the items featured here and it would still make a wonderful bath. While it would be slightly different in scent, you could replace Uluru with Dragon's Egg if you're looking for a cocktail made from easily available products: I'm sure this would be just as delicious!

Firstly, crumble the entire Sunnyside Bubble Bar under the running tap. Despite this being one of my favourite regular bars, it happens to be one of the most stubborn ones to use in the bath. You could either crush the bubble bar beforehand and use the crumbs under the water, or do as I normally would and hold the bar under the hot water until it begins to soften - before crumbling the rest as usual.

This bubble bar gives off a wonderfully strong citrus aroma - very much like freshly peeled oranges or sweet tangerines. Not only does it smell delicious, but in the water it creates a stunning golden wave of lustre that quivers under the surface and makes you feel like you're bathing in liquid gold. Glitter-phobes should know that this lustre doesn't stick to your skin and washes away with ease afterwards. 

Up next is the beautiful Uluru Bath Bomb - a very popular choice amongst Lush fans worldwide and one that I hope makes a reappearance in the Lush Kitchen soon. 

Add this to the bath and it'll immediately begin to fizz and froth on the surface - creating waves of bright orange foam that deepen the colour of the water and add an extra fruity layer that compliments Sunnyside perfectly. Uluru has more of a subtle citrus aroma so it masks the bitterness of the bubble bar and gives you a stunning bath experience. 

For such a simple recipe, I was expecting to be underwhelmed. However, I have no idea how I reached that conclusion when I know how amazing both of the products are that feature in this cocktail. I highly recommend that you try this out for yourself. It'll leave you smelling incredible, feeling well-nourished very uplifted: a perfect cocktail for those who need a little something to perk themselves up.

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 9.1 out of 10.

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  1. I'm happy you liked it! I thought about adding more products to it, but sometimes I feel like simpler is better. (