9 March 2015

The Carrot Gift Set

Despite its rather delicate design, The Carrot Gift Set is a fun and playful addition to Lush's Easter collection this year. Containing three of the most popular seasonal items, this beautiful offering is a must have, and showcases products that demonstrate how innovative and unique Lush cosmetics really are. 

This gift set includes:

While the soap didn't agree with my skin the first time I tried it, there's no denying that it smells absolutely gorgeous - a sweet, zesty and slightly sour aroma that will wake even the most stubborn of people up. This soap happens to feature actual carrot in its ingredients list as well so its well in-keeping with the theme of this gift set.

Bunch Of Carrots gives off the same citrusy aroma as the soap and can be used across multiple baths, while Golden Egg offers either one or two luxuriously creamy, toffee-esque, Honey I Washed The Kids-fragranced soaks that are to die for. 

For the price tag of £17.50, you're getting a good few weeks worth of baths as well as a soap that'll last you just as long in the shower. Together, these three goodies create a perfect Spring collection to cleanse and enhance your skin as well as boost your mood in time for the summer. 

Fans of sweet scents will love this gift set and the fact that the actual cone itself glows in the dark only adds to the allure of this product overall. This would be a great little collection to give to a child if you're looking for something a little more ethical and healthier than the usual chocolate egg. 

I know I would much prefer to receive this over something to eat and as my inner child is still very much alive, I can envisage how exciting it would be to receive this on Easter Sunday. 

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £17.50. 

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  1. OMG I wish I got this gift set! I love the carrot soap especially!