21 February 2016

Tweet Bubble Bar

While I don't necessarily agree with the regular release of Oxford Street exclusives, I can obviously understand the purpose of such a trend and the reason why they are following suit with each and every seasonal range. I only hope that these products do show their faces in the Kitchen at some point, as they need to be experienced and enjoyed by the masses. 

On the one hand, the argument 'for' these product is that it sets the flagship store apart from every other store in the country, and at this moment in time, the world. It draws consumers in and encourages regulars back in, and maintains a little excitement in the first store of its kind.

In the opposing corner, I also understand the frustrations of those who don't live in close proximity to the store - fans like myself who want to get their hands on the latest bubble bars and bath bombs but can't because of distance. Selective releases such as this always excludes certain people, and I can imagine it being extremely frustrating for these fans.

When I heard about the Tweet Bubble Bar, I knew it was going to be a firm favourite of mine. There would have had to have been something seriously wrong with it to be any less than amazing in my eyes. With a scent and design that mimics the very epitome of what I think makes a great bath product, this bubble bar was a sure winner from the start.
Sporting a face that 'only a mother could love', these limited editions are both deranged and incredibly gorgeous to look at. Crafted by hand, with chocolate buttons for eyes, no two are alike, which makes for a very unique product, and one that you may wish to choose carefully when browsing the store.

Containing both mandarine and tangerine oil, you would be forgiven for assuming that Tweet is yet another generic 'orange-smelling' bath product. However, in reality this little beauty possesses perhaps one of the best citrusy scents that I've experienced from Lush since the release of the Sunflower.

To me, the fragrance of this bubble bar is a sharp, zesty mandarin and tangerine aroma. It reminds me of an expensive fruity sorbet, with a gentle fizzy quality that makes your mouth salivate immediately. If I was to compare it to other products, I'd say it was similar to Brightside but I'd go as far as saying that it's perhaps even brighter and more uplifting than the aforementioned bubble bar.

Although it's quite rigid to begin with, once the bubble bar has been exposed to water, it crumbles and dissolves pretty quickly - creating a generous mound of soft, fluffy bubbles to accompany you in the tub. The water becomes a rich, golden yellow colour and its softening properties are immediately noticeable.
Upon climbing in the tub, I could feel how silky-soft the water was and my skin took an instant shine to it. I could really feel the oils getting to work and moisturising my body, and I noticed the effects of this hours later when my skin still looked radiant and felt velvety smooth without the application of any body lotion. While the fragrance wore off after a while, I was able to detect a faint angering aroma on my skin for a good hour after I had exited the bath, and a perfume of the same scent would have been lovely at this point to apply and maintain

Overall, this is a product that should be available across the globe, and definitely one that should have more shelf time than a few weeks at Easter. It's bright and uplifting, works like a treat on the skin, and really encompasses everything that I love about the springtime. Time to stock up to see me through the summer.  
Quantitative Ingredients: ?

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £3.45 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2016. 


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  2. Looks like a very nice bubble bar although it is sad to see it has an "angering aroma" I though perhaps it would be more invigorating than infuriating...

  3. So damn ugly, but also so damn good. xD Shame this is an exclusive to Oxford Street. :(

  4. I love how delightfully sinister these guys look. I would want to give one to a loved one that I happened to be angry with.

  5. Can anyone pick out for me the best product among those listed on this site? Best Chainsaw Chain