14 June 2016

Christmas Bathtime Favourites Gift Set

While this may seem like an odd, and slightly late time to be reviewing this gift set, I know from experience that Lush fans old and new still like to read about past products. There is something rather intriguing about glimpsing into the company's past and studying the growth of Lush's product design. It's also the perfect opportunity to pine over something you wish you'd been around to purchase as well as salivating over the prospect of things to come.

Christmas Bathtime Favourites Gift Set was not one that caught my eye when I was deciding which of the many collections to invest my money in last year. In fact, I even hesitated during the Christmas sale after adding a couple of these to my basket, and I almost removed them before checking out. Luckily I didn't, because I now consider this to be one of the most beautiful gift sets to have come out last year.

Featuring an array of seasonal and regular bath bombs, this is the perfect gift for anyone looking to impress a friend or family member who isn't yet hooked on the wonderful world of Lush. This set allows for a minimal of ten baths, with the potential to be upwards of twenty, if each of the products was halved beforehand.

This set features:

As the above list suggests, this is a set to suit any and every taste; from the sweet to the citrusy, floral to the smokey, this is a set that aims to cater for any and every mood, while also presenting an array of products that would work equally well as part of a cocktail.

If the bath bombs themselves weren't enough to tempt you, the box itself is a delight. Made of thick cardboard, this isn't one of the flimsy designs, and can be reused after to house anything you so wish: tools, stationary, jewels, more Lush products...

Originally priced up at £39.95, which I think it a bargain. With the bombs adding up to nearly £35 by themselves, five pounds is a small price to pay to have them all neatly stored inside such a beautiful box, and if this hadn't been in the sale, I would have probably invested in a full price one had I known how beautiful it was.

Overall, the is definitely a set you want to invest in, and seeing as how Lush bring out a Bathtime Favourites set every year, I would suggest you think about buying the revamped version that is no doubt coming out this year. One of my favourite sets from last year's Christmas range for sure.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £39.95 each.


  1. This, the Zoetrope & the 12 Days book were my favourite gifts last year! Is it weird I have this out in my room all year round despite it being Christmassy?! I did draw the line at the 12 Days though, that's safely stored in my wardrobe!

  2. Ha! The way the santa head broke makes him look like a zombie... O.o

  3. YES! I loved this set. I picked it up in the sale and you are absolutely right - that box is where I store my Lush supplies all year round now!

    Lis / last year's girl x

  4. Definitely one I should have grabbed when I had the chance! Also, I really miss the old Father Christmas scent :(