12 November 2016

Santa In Space Gift Set

There are just some gift sets that simply sweep me off my feet, and no matter what products are featured inside, I just have to have it. Santa In Space is one such gift set - a product I broke my own rules for when I decided to purchase it on the opening day of the Christmas collection release. 

To put it simply, I never buy gift sets so early on in the season, because I know that I'll have piles of new products to try out during those first few weeks, and it's pointless having excess gifts sitting around, not getting used. However, the design, the products inside, and just about everything else about this collection, told me that I had to own it immediately. And possessing absolutely zero amount of willpower, I relented.

Priced up at £29.95, this is definitely an investment that seems a little on the high end for those with smaller budgets. Adding on to this, I can see why anyone who wants to offer a family or friend an assortment of Christmas goodies, might be deterred by the fact that there are only two seasonal items featured in the line up here.

This is a gift set for those who want to offer someone more of an experience, and something that's far more special than a basic box of bath bombs. This is also the perfect gift for younger Lush fans who would want something they can hold on to, past the point of having a few baths and showers.

Firstly, the outer box is simply stunning. The design is modern; it's colourful, and although the depiction and the wording link this tin to Christmas, it is not overly seasonal-looking, meaning that there is no reason why this tin could not be used throughout the year, as a lunchbox, a carrier or simply for storage. The box is also made of thick, robust metal, and has a clasp to seal it at the top, so it's sturdy enough to withstand being more than just a decoration.  

Secondly, the array of goodies inside make this a really strong, well-rounded collection of products. There are seasonal items, best-selling regulars, and even an exclusive that I know many Lush fans will want to get their hands on. 

This set features:

Both bath bombs are some of the most vivid examples of Lush's creativity, so children will love the gentle jasmine fragrance of Northern Lights while they bathe in swirls of purple and yellow and green. The alluring mint aroma of Intergalactic, with its deep royal blue waters and sparkly silver lustre, is guaranteed to be another hit with Lush fans of all ages.

Big Bang is easily one of the company's most beautiful bubble bars to date, and with a gorgeous bright and zesty lemon aroma, not to mention the added bath melt on top, this gorgeous product is simply out of this world. Santa FUN is a rather odd choice to be featured here, although it's no doubt reference to the name of the gift set, and offers versatility in the way it can be used. 

Finally, this gift set features perhaps Lush's most popular shower gel, Twilight, which can only be purchased for a limited time in Lush Oxford Street. Therefore, if you're not able to get into London over the seasonal period, this is one of only a few opportunities for you to be able to get your hands on this product.

Overall, I love the theme going on with this collection and I think it is easily one of the best Christmas sets this year. The price may be a little higher than what you'd expect for a set with only five items, but the quality of the tin, and the whole package and how it's presented, tells me that there will be some very happy Lush fans receiving these on Christmas morning.

Vegan?: Yes.

2016 Price: £29.95 each.

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  1. If anyone has one of these and are willing to part with please let me know!