16 March 2017

Lotta Iota Bath Bomb

The Lush Kitchen have been on fire recently with the number of brand new items coming out for the first time through their menu, and this bath bomb is yet another example of a product that appears to have slipped through my radar, when I initially made a list of retro items that I wanted them to re-release.

Whether it was the simplistic design, or an error on my part, Lotta Iota Bath Bomb was not a product that inspired much of a reaction from me when I heard that it was being released. Yet, it took less than a second of sniffing it straight from the box, to know that I had highly underestimated the impact that it would make on my senses.

Containing lemon and lemongrass oil, this bath bomb sounds as if it's going to be a simple, citrusy affair. And it is. However, there is something so delicious and exquisite about this ballistic, that I would place it far higher on my favourites list than the likes of Still Life, Bon Bomb, and nearly all of Lush's other lemon-dominated bath bombs. I would also compare the smell of this to a good-quality lemon sherbet, with the fizzy entrails bubbling and fizzing away to bring you that uplifting, zesty experience.  

Imagine the bright, fruitiness of Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb, but intensified. Lotta Iota Bath Bomb is like a fresh slice of lemon cheesecake, with a garnish of lemongrass and a crumbly biscuit base. The inclusion of whole oats in this bath bomb don't offer that much in the way of smell, but they do make the whole experience feel that little bit more creamy and wholesome.

In the water, the bath bomb is a fast fizzer - sending out waves of creamy white foam across the surface as your bathroom fills up with an intense burst of lemony goodness. At the same time, the jumbo oats are released into the water like a swarm of bees, and you can watch as some settle on the surface of the water and others sink to the floor of the tub.

In under three minutes, the bath bomb has completely dissolved, and you are left with a clear bath full of little pieces of oats. Having not carried out any research before using this product, I was hoping for a colourful surprise to appear from within the bath bomb. Unfortunately, this didn't happen, and this is the only reason why this product didn't score a full rating.

What was great about Lotta Iota was that the inclusion of the seaweed did have a positive impact on the consistency of the water. While it wasn't as moisturising as a bubble bar, I did notice that my skin felt really soft and radiant after the experience, and I put this down to the carrageenan extract featured in the ingredients list.

Furthermore, the oats were included to help soothe the skin - taking away a little of the acidity of the lemon and lemongrass, so that those with dry, irritated or sensitive skin could bathe comfortably in the waters. While I cannot guarantee that it was the impact of this bath bomb, or indeed the oats that caused this, but I found that the areas of my body that were sore and irritated from the gym, did appear less red afterwards.

What I will say about the oats is that they are a little bit of an annoyance when you're bathing in the tub. There is quite a large mass of the little pieces, and I can imagine this might prove quite tricky for those looking to wash their hair in the bath. For those who dislike debris or feel that this may be an issue, I would highly suggest that you use a very fine sieve when this bath bomb is dissolving so that you can catch all of those oats before they saturate the water.

Overall, this bath bomb is one of Lush's most delicious smelling ballistics. It's fruity and mouth-watering from the get-go, and this smell stays with you until the end of your bath. My skin felt refreshed, soft and well-moisturised after towelling myself down, I just wish that the fragrance was a little stronger on the skin afterwards.

This is definitely one that I would recommend that you try, and one that I would buy again. Having said that, I would recommend that you perhaps cocktail this with part of a bubble bar to add a little colour into the tub, and I dare you not to want to bite of chunk out of this when you smell it for the first time.

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Carrageenan Extract, Jumbo Whole Oats, Perfume, Sicilian Lemon Oil, Lemongrass Oil, *Citral, *Geraniol, *Limonene.

Vegan?: Yes.

2017 Price: £4.25 each.

Year Of Original Release: ?

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