7 March 2017

Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel

For weeks on end now, I have pondered how to go about approaching this review. While the words for most reviews normally flow pretty naturally when I sit down to write, I found myself completely stumped when it came to reviewing this new seasonal shower gel.

Wash Behind Your Ears is one of those rare products that left me feeling pretty confused after using it for the first time. And the second. And the third. While my appreciation or dislike is normally instantaneous when it comes to trying out new products for the first time, this limited edition Easter gel had me completely stumped. I certainly didn't dislike it, as I continued to use it on a daily basis for near on a month after it entered my bathroom. Yet, I couldn't work out whether I really liked it all that much either. 

Offering fans a brand new fragrance, this shower gel doesn't look like the scent that wafts out of the bottle when you first open it. Expecting a bright, zesty-type aroma, I was surprised to find that it was a reserved, floral smell instead. And while it features lots of recognisable ingredients that go into making this flowery fragrance, this is definitely not something you have experienced before. 

What sets this shower gel apart from every single other one to come before it is that it features a carrot infusion as the base component. Aside from giving this product its rather delicious colour, carrots are known for their ability to replenish skin, reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes, and add a natural radiance to the skin. Interestingly, although it's not very strong in the mix, you can definitely make out the sweet, savoury element of the carrot deep down in the overall fragrance. 

Besides the carrot, you also have a combination of neroli and rose oils, alongside jasmine absolute, which all play an important part in the scent of this shower gel. On the surface you can smell the neroli - a sweet and slightly intoxicating fruity smell. Strangely, the top layer of this shower gel reminds me a little of Prince Charming Shower Gel, despite not sharing any of the same ingredients. 

Underneath this sweet, slightly green note, you get a musky, cloudy combination of the rose and the jasmine. Both of these floral elements appear slightly dampened and not as sweet as you would initially expect them to be. I think this is because the carrot removes a little of this, and with a gentle helping of sunflower oil, both components ground the fragrance a little. 

From the bottle, Wash Behind Your Ears is quite a thick, gloopy consistency and it takes a little more effort than usual to squeeze it out of the bottle. Once in your hands, the gel needs a little water to get it working, where it produces a light, fluffy lather to spread across your skin. I found that this shower gel was a little stubborn at producing foam unless I had enough liquid to stimulate those bubbly suds. However, once the product was mixed with enough water, it worked really effectively. 

In its favour, the shower gel was just as beautiful in the shower - emitting the same level of fragrance, if not a little more, than it did in the bottle. I found that it withstood any other products that I chose to use at the same time, and I was able to detect a light smell on my skin afterwards, even when I used a scrub right before I exited the shower.

While this is definitely one that might need to grow on you, I am beginning to really appreciate not only its unique aroma, but the fact that it has something a little different that sets it apart from all of the other floral fragrances that Lush have produced in the past. Not only did it leave my skin feeling soft and radiant, but it gave me a warm feeling that helped to ease me into my day. Although this is not one I would rave about, I will be buying another bottle or two before the season is out.

Quantitative Ingredients: Glycerine, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Water, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Carrot Infusion, Stearic Acid, Lauryl Betaine, Perfume, Neroli Oil, Rose Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Organic Sunflower Oil, Gardenia Extract, Titanium Dioxide, Colour 19140:1, Colour 15510, Colour 45350. 

Vegan?: Yes.

2017 Price: £?

Year Of Original Release: 2017.


  1. Hi Jen. I just wanted to point out one of your sentences:
    "However, once the product was mixed with another water, it worked really effected. "
    Not to be picky or anything, just thought you would like to know. :-)

  2. Wow I think I'll have to smell this one for myself! Sounds interesting, at the very least.

    Have you ever used Lush shower gels with a shower pouf? If so, do you find the lather is faster to form or more plentiful than just using your hands?

    1. I think it definitely does lather more with a shower pouf for sure - I'm just too lazy to buy one! haha!