8 March 2017

Phoenix Bath Melt

When the Lush Kitchen first brought out the Phoenix Bubble Bar, I was so excited that I bought more than I care to say. However, my dreams were dashed when I received the product and discovered that it didn't smell anything like I was expecting it to. To add to insult, it was perhaps one of my least favourite scents in a bath product ever, and I still have a surplus of them lingering around in a box, collecting dust.

For this reason, when I found out that Phoenix Bath Melt was making an appearance in the Lush Kitchen, I wasn't exactly enamoured by the thought of the same scent in a different format. Having said that, I did discover that this
limited edition is definitely different from its sibling, and it made me appreciate how the same ingredients can have very diverse results when presented in different formats.

Containing cinnamon leaf, clove leaf and sandalwood oil, this bath melt has been created to wake you up, warm your spirit and revitalise you; very much like a phoenix rising from the ashes. If you want to know what winter smells like, this bath melt is a good representative of what I envisage, when I think about those key components that make the colder months a little more bearable on the skin and mind.

Much like the bubble bar, the clove leaf oil is definitely the strongest component - lacing with the cinnamon oil to create a strong, dry and very herbal smelling product. There is an element of spice from the cinnamon here, but I found that the undercurrent of sandalwood rounded off the bath melt so the overall aroma wasn't too heated. 

Aside from the above ingredients, Phoenix Bath Melt also contains the usual base of cocoa butter and almond oil. These make up a large percentage of the
product, and are not only known for being really nourishing and conditioning on the skin, but melt at the right temperature so you wont be left with any stubborn clumps in the tub. 

When you place one of these in the water, it only takes a matter of seconds for Phoenix to begin melting - releasing a puddle of oils and butters across the surface of the water. This puddle tends to accumulate alongside the block while its melting, so you'll need to swish the water around to ensure that the oils are fully dissolved into the water, to reap the full benefits.

The bath melt takes about ten minutes to fully dissolve, by which time there is a gentle aroma floating around the bathroom. As its design suggests, this Phoenix will not alter the colour of the water - neither will it create any sort of colourful show for you to enjoy. However, there was a very subtle glean on the surface of the water from the inclusion of the oils. 

In all fairness, I didn't find this bath melt to be especially moisturising - enough to justify the price anyway. As far as bath melt go, it didn't make the water feel any thicker or softer on the skin. While my skin did feel smooth afterwards, it wasn't that different from how I would feel after using a bath bomb or bubble. 

Ultimately, Phoenix Bath Melt did not offer me anything new or exciting. In as many words, it's a fairly forgettable product, if I'm going to honest. Although the smell was robust enough to survive being dispersed across an entire bath, the colourless water meant that I had to add in a second product to make it worthwhile.

While I would recommend only using half of one in a bath, I don't think it offers enough to use it by itself, which means that this is quite a hefty investment for a few oils and butters. Despite lingering on my skin for a short while after towelling myself down, I found that I was much happier overriding it with a favourite perfume instead. This is not one that I would want to buy again. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Laureth 4, Almond Oil, Perfume, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Clove Leaf Oil, Sandalwood Oil, *Benzyl Benzoate, *Cinnamal, *Eugenol, *Limonene, *Linalool.

Vegan?: Yes.

2017 Price: £4.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 1999.

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