16 August 2017

Amelie Mae Fun Bar

Reflecting on the various scented FUN bars that Lush have released over the years, I really wish that they had the incentive to do the same with their shower gels. While I am very much in love with the jellies, gels and creams that the company have brought out over the last five years, there has been some superior choices made in the FUN range - this one being no exception.

To coincide with the global Gorilla Perfume tour, Amelie Mae FUN was released and sold in small batches at the various shows - available alongside most of the Volume 4 perfumes that were featured in the showcase. Sharing its scent with the liquid perfume of the same name, this gorgeous looking bar is exquisite in every way, and may even trump the fragrance itself.   

Created by Simon Constantine for his youngest daughter Amelie Mae, this FUN bar is not only a homage to one of the perfumer's biggest achievements, but it's also rather fitting, given that FUN is primarily designed with children in mind. Sporting bright shades of both green and pink, this limited edition also happens to be one of the most attractive FUN bars to date, and I couldn't wait to rip the wrapper off and use it for myself.

Featuring notes of lavender, ylang ylang and rose, you would expect Amelie Mae to offer a highly floral fragrance. While there is definitely a floral theme running throughout, there is something rather sweet and playful about this scent as well. As I said in my review of the liquid perfume version, if you think you are able to imagine what this smells like from the ingredients list alone, you are most likely going to be proved wrong.

From the wrapper, I get what I can only describe as a juicy rose smell - one that does have traits of the popular Rose Jam family, albeit sweeter and perhaps a little more jam-like. There is also a thread of fruitiness running through, which reminds me a little of raspberry bubblegum, but again I would be underselling it if I said this was all I could detect.

Much like the perfume version, the gentle note of lavender is very subtle in the mix, and almost adds a base that all of the other components rest on. You can definitely smell that the lavender is there, but the other components make much more of an impression on me.
There is something fruity about this FUN bar that makes me salivate when I smell it, and I love that it offers something quite playful and youthful. However, there is also something a little mature about the notes of lavender and violet that make it as delectable as it is sophisticated.

As with all of Lush's FUN bars, you can use this one in replacement of a shower gel, bubble bar or shampoo. To create bubbles in your bath, simply break off the amount that you wish to use and hold it under the running water. If you're using it in the shower, take a small grape-sized piece, add a little water and lather between your hands. 

Although it is not as moisturising as any of the products that you may replace it with, for the price tag it is great value for money. I found that when used across my skin, the scent was really strong and stayed with me for a good hour after I had towelled myself down. In fact, I am now convinced that Lush need to bring out a body lotion version because it would be delicious.

My only warning about this and every one of Lush's FUN bars, is that you have to ensure that the rest of the product is kept both cool and dry in between uses. In addition, you need to ensure that the bar is stored in a container if you wish to keep it in the bathroom. If left exposed, FUN Bars will sweat and melt, and leave a horrible mess all over the counter it's perched on. 
Overall, this may in fact be my favourite FUN Bar to date. It smells exactly like the perfume, although I would even go as far as to say that it may even be slightly stronger than the fragrance itself. I really hope this is made available in the near future - for everyone who loves this scent, or for those who has not had the opportunity to try this out for themselves, as it is truly delicious. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Cornflour, Talc, Glycerine, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lavendar, Ylang Ylang Oil, Violet Leaf Absolute,

Vegan?: Yes.

2017 Price: £6.95 for 200g.

Year Of Original Release: 2017.

Scent Family:
Amelie Mae FUN Bar

Amelie Mae Liquid Perfume

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