6 May 2019

Giant Lavender Bombshell

It's 2019 and it seems to have become a regular occurrence for companies to bring out giant-sized bath bombs for people to indulge in. While there are times I wonder just how consumers justify to themselves while £15 for a bath product is reasonable, I'm over here purchasing them all for myself as well, so I have no leg to stand on.

Yet, over the last six months, Lush have brought out a few limited edition Bombshells that have actually made the large investment worth it, and I will happily admit that I'm now a lot less cynical when it comes to the company's bigger, and more expensive, releases.

Giant Lavender Bombshell is one of four enlarged balls of sodium bicarbonate that are currently available on their website to purchase; and is easily one of my favourite ones to date. While it doesn't looks as colourful or as exciting as some of the others, this one certainly makes up for it when it comes to how it performs in the bath. 

Containing a combination of rose, chamomile, tea tree and lavender, the scent of this is a beautifully gentle, slightly sweet and delicately herbal aroma. To my nose, the latter ingredient offered the most presence but you could also detect hints of the other three ingredients as well. 

While not the strongest of smells, this is actually the point of this bombshell, and the aroma is still robust enough to see you through your whole experience; not to mention on your skin afterwards as well. This is the perfect bomb to use before bed, as it calms you down so much, and I could feel my eyes struggling to stay open before I'd even left the bath.

Easily the most impressive element to Giant Lavender Bombshell is the fact that it features oat flour, which I genuinely believe should be featured in near on every bath bomb that Lush produce. This magical ingredient creates a sort of 'milky froth' when the product is dissolving, and only serves to make the water even softer than your average bath bomb.

Upon hitting the water, this bombshell immediately began to send out a huge wave of creamy, white, bubbly foam across the surface of the tub. Unless you saw it for yourself, you wouldn't quite believe how quickly the bath filled up with this fragrant froth; it was super impressive. 

After a few seconds, the bomb opened up to release not only an entire dried rose head, but a load of sprigs of lavender and dried chamomile flower heads as well. These all floated across the surface during my bathing, and I then had to scoop them out afterwards before pulling the plug. 

What I will say is that these additions do make this bath bomb rather messy; especially the lavender sprigs that tend to break off into little pieces and litter the surface of the water. For those who don't want to be covered in dried plants during their soak; or those who don't want to spend their day unblocking the plug after their bath, I would highly suggest you take these additions out before using the bath bomb.

While I could have heeded my own advice, as I found the bombshell a little too messy for my liking, I also like to try the product exactly as it was intended for, so I can experience the full 'package' before writing my reviews. In this case, it was the 'extra filling' that prevented Giant Lavender Bombshell from achieving full marks from myself.

As to be expected, this extra large bath bomb left my skin feeling incredible, and I certainly didn't need to moisturise afterwards. They key components relaxed me enough that I was able to go to bed without meditating, and get a good, deep sleep. This is a bombshell that I would buy again, but this time I certainly wouldn't allow the dried flowers to share the tub with me.  

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Oat Flour, Titanium Dioxide, Rose Absolute, Chamomile Blue Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Dried Roman Chamomile Flower, Dried Lavender Sprigs, Dried Rose, Water (Aqua), Dipropylene Glycol, *Linalool, Perfume.

Vegan?: Yes.

2019 Price: £14.95 each.

Year Of Original Release: 2019.

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