3 January 2015

Lush Cocktail - Fairy Take A Dip Ma!

Nudz 'Fairy Take A Dip Ma!' Cocktail

2/3rds of a Ma Bar Bubble Bar
1 Granny Takes A Dip Ballistic 
Lashings Of Snow Fairy Shower Gel



After my rather wonderful Spellbound Cocktail the other night, I wanted to try something wholly different. It didn't take me long to realise that my sweet tooth was craving something a little sugary so I opted to dig out my lone Granny Takes A Dip and try this one out for size.

As my video suggests, I first crumbled my Ma Bar under the running water and then had to swish my hands about to stimulate the production of bubbles. While I love the scent of this bubble bar, I am always disappointed to find that even when fresh, this product is rock solid and not as soft as you would expect. For this reason, you might need a little 'elbow grease' to break this one up. 

This bubble bar turns the water a rather unappealing brown colour so it's not particularly amazing on it's own. Having said that, the smell it emanates is beautiful - a decadent sweet toffee and honey concoction that makes your mouth water. 

Next I added a generous amount of Snow Fairy Shower Gel. Immediately, my senses were able to detect the sugary-sweet bubblegum aroma that the product is famous for. This overpowered the Ma Bar a little but elements of the bubble bar came through when I was in the bath and it's subtleness was rather wonderful. 

Finally, I threw in an entire Granny Takes A Dip. If you're trying to be conservative with your Lush products, this cocktail could quite easily work with only half of this ballistic and it would still be very delicious. This bath bomb is stunningly vibrant and gives off wonderful streams of pinks, blues and greens. 

These intertwine within and underneath the bubbles, to give this bath a wonderful rainbow effect across the surface. Granny also helps to colour the water and give it a wonderfully comforting rose-pink colour - which makes it much more appealing than the brown colour it started as.

Surprisingly, the ballistic was the weakest of the three and disappeared behind the bubble bar and shower gel somewhat. However, I was able to pick up hints of the vanilla and lemon underneath the toffee and orange aroma that Ma Bar offered. This, coupled with the candy floss element of Snow Fairy, meant that the whole bath gave off a wonderful aroma. 

What was impressive was how silky soft the water was - it felt so thick and creamy and made my skin feel incredible. I didn't have to moisturise at all after this bath and I could still smell the wonderful scent of all three of these products on my skin afterwards. 

This would be an incredible Lush Cocktail for anyone who has a sweet tooth - it will satisfy your cravings and prevent you from overindulging in junk food! I think this experience would be best had before a night out as it really perks you up - leaving you feeling rather fantastic and ready for a night out on the tiles.

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 8.4 out of 10. 


  1. Please post more bath cocktails Jen, they're awesome!xxx:-)

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying these :) I plan on doing at least one new cocktail a week so keep your eyes peeled or perhaps even suggest a few yourself on my competition page :)

  2. Mmmmn this looks amazing! Snow Fairy shower gel has to be one of my all time favourite products, I hope they make it permanent soon! xx

  3. Absolutely love these Lush cocktail posts!

    PLEASE do more!


  4. What about candy mountain with a generous helping of snow fairy-thinking of trying it out soon :-)