31 January 2015

Lush Cocktail: Sultry Floral Nights

Sarah's Sultry Floral Nights Cocktail 


Lashings Of Twilight Shower Gel



There are many reasons why I have chosen to trial and document heaps of Lush Cocktails across the next twelve to eighteen months. Firstly, I want to improve and extend my experience with the products I know and love - while I could never imagine getting bored of bathing, trying something new only adds to the excitement of bath time. 

Secondly, I recognise the fact that Lush products can be rather expensive, so I thought these reviews would be helpful for those wanting to find the cocktail that is right for them, without wasting value products trying to establish the perfect combination. Finally, I realise that I have far too many ballistics and bubble bars, and this is the perfect excuse to use them up a little quicker than usual.

It was this latter reason that initially disappointed me about this Lush Cocktail. Although the ingredients used are some of my all-time favourite items, the fact that I wouldn't be using up any bath products was a little off-putting. However, I soon ate my words when I submerged myself under the bubbles and soaked up the wonderful waves of fragrance that this experience offered. 

Sultry Floral Nights is a cocktail for those who want something strong, heady, yet gentle enough to send them off to the land of nod. What is great about this combination, is that although it's comprised of some of Lush's rarer products, if you happen to have them in your vicinity it actually makes for rather cheap cocktail. 

First up, I crumbled half of a Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar under the running tap and watched as the tub quickly filled up with light, velvety-soft bubbles. While this seasonal special doesn't have a very potent smell, it does give off a light, sweet and rather unique combination of lavender and rose, which is lovely. 

This product has been added for it's moisturising qualities so it doesn't really effect the colour of the water and it can't really be detected once the stronger-smelling ingredients are added. 

Next, I squirted a generous helping of Black Pearl Shower Gel under the running tap and watched as this completely transformed the colour of the water. What had started out as a boring bluish/green shade, quickly became a shimmery, metallic-grey colour, which I've never seen before in a Lush product. 

This shower gel has a very distinctive sweet, floral smell, which I would describe as a combination of blackberry and lavender. This overpowered the bubble bar and added a gorgeous fragrance to the experience. As it's a very nourishing, hydrating shower gel, these properties were transferred into the water and I think this is the main reason that this whole cocktail is so moisturising. 

Once I had given the shower gel a few seconds to settle, I added in a generous helping of Violet Nights Bath Oil. This happens to be one of my all-time favourite Lush products and I was very happy to find that this was the most dominating aroma of the bath. While every other element could be detected in short, sharp bursts while I was under the water, it was the Violet Nights that made itself known throughout the entire experience.

Finally, I added in a generous helping of Twilight Shower Gel. Firstly, the shower gel darkened the shade of the water and have it a slightly better shimmer under the surface. Not only this, but it also complimented the other scents with it's own thick, malty lavender smell. To extend the experience a little further, I also continued to use both the Twilight and the Black Pearl Shower Gels throughout the while experience and this suited the bath perfectly. 

I left the bath feeling really clean, smooth and refreshed - ready for my head to hit the pillow and sleep off the stressful day I had had. It was definitely a very different experience to anything I have had so far. 

Having said that, I did think that perhaps I could have conserved my Lush products even further and just used Violet Nights by itself. While the other smells were present, they were very much governed by the bath oil. 
Furthermore, while my initial reaction to the colour of the water was excitement and intrigue, I quickly grew bored of the rather colourless water and feel that something else needs to be added to spruce up the grey a little. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 7.1 out of 10.


  1. Not typically a fan of floral cocktails, but this one seems pretty exciting. I'd probably just invest in the bath oil though. Any other floral cocktail submissions you've gotten that you would recommend? :)

    1. I can't really choose at the moment - there is quite a few entries but until I try them, I don't really know whether I'd recommend them hehe! I'll have a look at all of the amazing recipes I've been given and perhaps explore a few of them in the coming weeks :)