10 January 2015

Lush Cocktail: Oceane

Hawwaa's Oceane Cocktail



I was rather excited about trying out this cocktail - partly because I hadn't tried the Sunnyside Bubble Bar in a very long time and also because I was very intrigued by the combination of products that featured in the ingredients list. Mixing up Big Blue, Sunnyside and Supertramp didn't sound like it was going to work at all, which only made me more determined to try it out for myself. 

Once the tub was beginning to fill up with hot water, I placed the whole bubble bar under the running tap and relished in the beautiful sweet tangerine aroma that began to fill the room. While I would normally crumble my bars under the water, Sunnyside is a very rigid bubble bar and proves rather difficult when trying to break it up. 

Despite this minor flaw, the bubble bar still produces an impressive amount of bubbles - I'd even say that you could probably use half a bar if you wanted to be more conservative with your Lush products. Just ensure that the water is powerful enough to stimulate those bubbles, otherwise you might be left a little disappointed. 

Next I used the Big Blue Ballistic - a hefty lemon and lavender bath bomb that features a handful of seaweed sprigs to soften the water and moisturise your skin. As soon as this beauty hit the water, it began to spew out waves of blue and white foam. While I could still smell Sunnyside, it was this bath bomb that dominated the smell and it remained this way throughout the entire experience. 

The bath bomb altered the water into more of shamrock green colour, which was very appealing to me. It was particularly amazing to see the shimmery waves of golden lustre that rippled underneath the surface of the water, which made the whole experience that much more special. Don't worry if you're opposed though - you'll not be left be left covered in lustre and it washes away with ease. 

Finally, I added in a generous amount of Supertramp, which I used in replacement of the original Tramp Shower Gel. This darkened the water very slightly and added it's own unique earthy touch to the cocktail. Once I had submerged myself in the bath, I wasn't able to smell the shower gel at all, but I continued to use it to clean myself with and I felt this worked better than adding it to bath.  

Once I had exited the bath, I pampered my skin even more by using the Tender Is The Night Massage Bar. Although this possesses a sweet floral fragrance and smells nothing like any of the other three items, it complimented the gentle lemon scent that lingered on skin and left me feeling very satisfied. 

This is a really lovely, refreshing cocktail - one that would be more suited for the warmer months as it not only invigorates your senses and awakens tired skin, but the inclusion of the seaweed in the bath bomb means that this will pamper, heal and improve the condition of sun-kissed skin. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.


  1. That green is absolutely gorgeous!
    <3 Sam

  2. Hey I had an idea for for a "Warm Apple Cider" cocktail!
    1 Cinders Bath Bomb (You can substitute this with Phoenix Rising)
    1 So White Bath Bomb
    1/2 of Holly Golightly Bubble Bar
    And lashings of Hot Toddy Shower gel or So White shower gel, depending on if you want a spicier or fruitier bath.

    1. This sounds yummy! I shall add it to my list of ones to try :)

  3. If you liked that you should try a mermaid water cocktail , it's very very well known and a favourite of many
    1 big blue
    1/2 sunny side
    1/2 YBM
    Sea vegetable soap to wash with
    And ocean salt scrub for exfoliating