18 January 2015

Lush Cocktail: Purple Paradise

Fiona's Glitter Mountain Cocktail



It is thanks to your suggestions for cocktails that I have grown to love Blackberry Bath Bomb even more than I did previously. So when I saw this suggestion in the comment section, I knew I had to try this wonderful sounding cocktail out as soon as I could. Using only three ingredients, this is a very simple recipe, but one that offers a lot, once you've climbed into the bath.

First up, crumble half of a Bathos Bubble Bar under the running water. This product has a very strong smell of violets and will immediately give off a rich and very sweet floral aroma. The bubble bar is really easy to crumble and it's only a matter of seconds before the water starts to thicken - you can see how nourishing this product is by looking at how glossy the bubbles look on the surface.

Next up, crumble half of a Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar in the same way as the Bathos. This seasonal item shares it's scent with Noriko Soap and has a very unique fragrance that is rather difficult to describe. There are elements of lavender, ylang ylang and rose featured in the ingredients lists but the smell it emanates is not what you'd expect. 

This bubble bar has a very subtle aroma and once all of the ingredients have been added to the bath, you aren't able to pick up much of this scent aside from the occasional passing note. However, Christmas Hedgehog adds so many essential oils to the tub and is used more to pad out the overall smell and make the bath more moisturising for your skin. 

Finally, throw in an entire Blackberry Bath Bomb and watch as it immediately begins to fizz and froth across the surface of the water. It is this ballistic that gives the bath it's deep purple properties and also offers the strongest smell of the three. Sharing it's scent with Sultana Of Soap, this product has a rich, sickly-sweet combination of bergamot and frankincense - a wonderfully unique and very decadent experience that will be appreciated by consumers of all ages.

Altogether, these three ingredients compliment each other perfectly and offer a very rich, sultry bath. This is for those of you who love sweet scents but don't necessarily want something as playful or as simplistic as Snow Fairy - this is more of a mature smell. 

The water felt thick and creamy the whole way through and I left the bath feeling really relaxed and rather spoilt. The condition of my skin felt and looked instantly better and I could still smell the remnants of the bath hours after I had pulled the plug. 

I will definitely be trying this Lush Cocktail out again and it's a great alternative to my usual citrus affairs. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 8.7 out of 10.


  1. Great review! I often forget about the blackberry bomb only to pick one up and think 'hello, I have missed you'

  2. i love this combo-might try it out!