21 January 2015

Lush Cocktail: Outdoor Sex

Anonymous 's Outdoor Sex Cocktail


1 Green Bubbleroon
Lashings of Grass Shower Gel



After a long, hard day slogging away at my lesson planning for the week, I really needed something that was going to give me a second lease of energy and help me to work long into the night. Looking through the array of amazing cocktails I had lined up to try, this one seemed perfect for the moment. 

Containing three ingredients that you wouldn't automatically put together, I was rather intrigued by this unusual concoction and equally thrilled by it's name. Having tried lots of sweet, fruity and citrusy cocktails already, this was something rather different from the usual humdrum of baths. 

Firstly, I crumbled an entire Green Bubbleroon under the tap. While this product has a really lovely, pronounced 'green' scent, it's isn't the strongest of bubble bars to use. For this reason, while you could opt to use just half of one in the cocktail, you'll need the whole bar if you want the fragrance to have any chance of withstanding the stronger aromas of the other ingredients. 

This bubbleroon has such a wonderful, refreshing scent - a sweet, grassy and slightly citrusy smell that's light enough not to be too potent on the senses, but pronounced enough to leave an impression on the user. Green created a wonderful mound of light, fluffy bubbles and transformed the water into a pastel green haven. A part of me was tempted to postpone the cocktail and just enjoy the bubbleroon by itself - it was very inviting.

Next I squirted 2-3 generous amounts of Grass Shower Gel under the tap. While this didn't seem to produce that many bubbles, it did help to thicken the outdoor scent of the bubbleroon and give it an added earthy element, which was lovely and invigorating. 

Finally, I added in a whole Sex Bomb Bath Bomb and this completely transformed the bath - both the scent and the colour as well as adding in a few foamy bubbles of its own. The bath bomb created a wonderful visual display and it looked rather stunning when the swirls of pink intertwined with the bubbles and settled.

Unfortunately, this is the first Lush cocktail that I have tried that I wasn't too keen on. Firstly, the jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage in the ballistic instantly became the stronger fragrance and I found it quite difficult to detect the other two ingredients at all when I was in the bath. I would occasionally get a note of the shower gel when I was submerged under the water but the bubbleroon seemed to have vanished completely, which was disappointing. 

Secondly, the bath bomb turned the water into a light pink and seemed to lose that wonderful green colour that had seemed so inviting in the first place. I felt as if the Sex Bomb was too dominant for this combination and would have worked better if only half was used. 

Having said that, the cocktail was really moisturising and left my skin feeling incredible - the bubbleroon definitely helped to soften the water and the bubbles were great to wash with as well as just for decoration. Furthermore, I continued to use the Grass Shower Gel throughout the experience and found that it was really refreshing and partnered with the smell of the bath well. 

This Lush Cocktail is definitely for someone who likes unique and very 'outside' sort of smells. The combination of the sweet elements of Sex Bomb with the green, savoury elements of the other two ingredients, is something very unique and different. While it's not one I would opt to try again, it would work really well in the warmer months as it's refreshingly light and very gentle on the skin. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 5.4 out of 10.


  1. Starry Starry Night. :)

    1 space girl bath bomb
    1/2 of a shoot for the stars bath bomb
    1/3 of a star light star bright melt
    1/2 of a christmas eve bubble bar(enough for how ever
    many bubbles you enjoy, I like lots)
    Lashings of twilight shower gels.

    It's like bathing in a starry night sky! :-) I left out one ingredient before, so just reposting

    1. Sounds lovely and I love the theme - there's something rather magical about bath bombs and cocktails centralised around the night sky and space. Thank you :)

  2. Pink fairy:
    Lashings of Snow Fairy shower gel
    Think Pink ballistic
    Comforter bubble bar (about ¼)
    A few swirls of Magic Wand (optional)
    This is quite possibly my favourite Lush cocktail ever. It’s pink, sweet and has a hint of glitter. What more could a girl want?

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