14 May 2014

Almond Kisses Facial Moisturiser

Almond Kisses Facial Moisturiser was actually one of the first retro products that I invested in back at the start of last year. I remember being rather surprised and a little shocked at it's £22.95 price tag, as I felt for a 45g tub, this was extremely expensive. Having now used a range of different facial moisturisers, I realise that they're worth their price tag - firstly because they last a good 3+ months, and this is using it twice daily; secondly, if you get a good one, they can do wonders for your complexion. 

Lush say that 'around 20 minutes after smoothing Almond Kisses on your skin, your face feels softer, flexible and pliable; your cheeks are gently bouncy like little cushions (in a nice way). It stays that way for hours too! It's the glycerine that makes most of the difference and the almond oil makes it even better.'' I actually agree with this statement.  
It's a light and very emollient moisturiser, similar in consistency to Enzymion. But unlike Enzymion, it does tend to take a lot longer to absorb into the skin, meaning that your face does feel somewhat tacky for a while after application. However, it is this aspect of the lotion that makes it perfect for people with dry skin; it keeps it moisturised and moist for a long period of time without making it look or feel greasy. 
Almond Kisses is definitely one of the best moisturisers for dry or dehydrated skin as it cleared up my dry patches and left me with a face that glowed night and day. I find that it tends to calm my skin, especially when I have a break out of spots, and it does this without feeling like it's cloying up my pores. 

It gives off a strong scent of carnations that, to me, smell as if they're mixed with the nuttiness of almonds and the spice of fresh cloves. The addition of tangerine gives this facial moisturiser a fresh and sultry finish that makes you feel incredibly sexy.
I wish Almond Kisses was a regular product in Lush's range, as I would have liked to alternate between this and Enzymion as my facial moisturisers. Lush also have the body lotion, Potion - a cream that shares the same delicious scent as Almond Kisses. The works wonderfully well on the skin and would be a perfect combination alongside this facial moisturiser, although I'm not sure when Lush will choose to re-release this next. I'm really glad that Lush have brought this out again and I'll be buying a few pots to support and nourish my skin throughout the summer.

Quantitative Ingredients: Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Rose Water (Rosa centifolia), Glycerine, Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Coconut Butter (Cocos nucifera), Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, Rose Absolute (Rosa centifolia), Carnation Absolute (Dianthus carophyllus), Tangerine Oil (Citrus reticulata), Perfume, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

Vegan?: Yes

2016 Price: £22.50 for 40g.
2017 Price: £23.50 for 40g.

Scent Family:
Almond Kisses Facial Moisturiser 
Holiday Bubble Bar
Potion Body Lotion
Potion Liquid Perfume
Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar
Santa Monica Ballistic 
Sparkling Red Slippers Bubble Bar


  1. Ooooh, do you give it only a 4 out of 6?? I have really dry skin. Do you recomend it?

    1. I have really dry skin and this is by far my favourite moisturiser. It is just gorgeous. The oils feel fantastic on the skin and it leaves your face glowing.