13 May 2014

Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

They say an ignorant person never learns, and until today I didn't consider myself to possess such a trait. However, having amassed a good handful of lip scrubs, all of which haven't been used once, I realise that I'm a little guilty of harvesting such judgements. I say this, because after my very positive experience with Bubblegum Lip Scrub, I assured myself that I would definitely begin using these lip scrubs regularly. However, almost a year later, they've remained in the same place on my shelf, untouched.

I only had to use Sweet Lips Lip Scrub once to know that I've been a fool to leave it unused for so long.  As a person who suffers from extremely dried, cracked and sore lips, these products are perfect to slip into your bag and top up that wonderful soft feeling throughout the day. Until I tried Bubblegum for the first time, I always assumed that these products were a bit of a gimmick, but I can confidently say that they actually work, and damn well at that.

All of Lush's lips scrubs are made mostly from castor sugar, which acts as the 'scrub' and jojoba oil, which helps to moisturise the skin. As you can see from the ingredients list, there is not a whole lot more that goes into this product, which is a good thing.

This particular product also contains vanilla extract and cocoa absolute, which not only gives the scrub it's wonderful fragrance, but helps to make this lip scrub taste scrummy to boot. Described by Lush as a 'sugary sweet chocolate' scrub, Sweets Lips smells to me of fresh cocoa butter intertwined with a burnt vanilla fragrance - simply gorgeous. Unlike other lip scrubs, this one's slightly unappetising to look at - a pale, sludgy brown not far off the colour of Demerara sugar. However, as soon as you smell it's gorgeous scent, all his forgiven.

To use I simply scoop out a tiny amount with my finger and then rub the scrub all over my lips in a circular motion. Then the best part; I use my tongue to lick off the excess sugar from my lips before applying my favourite lip gloss or balm.

It makes my lips feel beautifully soft and moisturised and removes dead and dried skin, instantly improving the look and feel of my lips. I found that, after using this for a couple of days in a row, only once or twice a day, the consistency of my lips improved dramatically, and I found that I didn't develop any of the dry patches I've been suffering from for a great number of years.

To make the most of Sweet Lips, I would recommend that you apply your favourite lip balm afterwards as this will continue to work that moisture into the skin and give you kissably-soft lips. In all honesty, I was rather surprised at how quickly the condition of my lips improved from a product so simple and natural, and I've vowed to continue using this for the foreseeable future.

This small pot, although priced at a hefty £5.95 is fantastic value for money because it can easily last for 6+ months, depending on how often your apply it. I recommend you try it out for yourself, just try not to eat too much of it!

Quantitative Ingredients: Caster Sugar, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vanilla Extract, Cocoa Absolute, Tagetes Oil, Flavour.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £5.75 each.

2016 Price: £5.95 each.


  1. Is this a limited edition product? Because I've never seen it in my Lush store before and only recently I'm seeing it around on the interwebs.

    Naeemah | The Jam Jar

    1. Hi there - I believe it was a limited edition product because I've never seen it as a regular product :)

  2. I do not understand why Lush discontinued this product. It was amazing. I'm using the Santa one right now and it is hard as a rock. Sweet Lips was perfect, and so tasty that I had to stop myself from eating the whole jar in one go!