15 April 2015

Lush Cocktail: Hot Fudge Sundae

Sari's 'Hot Fudge Sundae' Cocktail


Ma Bar Bubble Bar



With hours to kill, I couldn't think of a better way to pass the time than by enjoying another Lush Cocktail. As I've stated in previous reviews, at the moment I'm trying to choose cocktails that feature products I already own - the idea being that I reduce my stash a little before investing in new products. 

As it was quite a warm day out, I wanted something that wouldn't be too heavy on my senses, but an experience that still left me feeling comforted and well-pampered. After reading the ingredients needed for Hot Fudge Sundae, I thought it sounded exactly what I was looking for. 

At first, I was a little apprehensive that these products wouldn't work well together - there's mint here, chocolate, toffee, honey, cherry, peanut, almonds etc.. In fact, there are a lot of fragrances here that on paper sound like they'd clash pretty badly when combined. However, I discovered rather quickly that this collaboration works wonderfully.

Firstly, I crumbled the Ma Bar Bubble Bar under the running tap. Despite it's gorgeous, almost sickly-sweet aroma, and the fact that it looks like a piece of cake, this product doesn't produce the best results in the bath tub - turning the water a murky shade of brown that doesn't look particularly appetising. While this might initially put you off, the wonderful toffee scent and mounds of velvety bubbles that accompany this bar might persuade you otherwise. 

Having saved this for as long as I could, I apprehensively added my last 13 Rabbits Bath Melt into the tub and was immediately glad that I did. This unattractive looking slab of brown has a lovely nutty aroma thanks to the inclusion of both walnut and peanut oils in the ingredients. 

This slightly woody, chocolately melt worked with the honeyed element of Ma Bar really well and grounded the scent somewhat so that it wasn't so sickly-sweet. Furthermore, the melt releases a handful of cinnamon sticks into the water - not enough to cause a problem for those who dislike 'debris', but enough to give an added spicy kick to the whole experience. 

Up next was the Happy Blooming Bath Melt - the product that I was worried would unbalance all of the other ingredients. Instead, this limited edition beauty added a subtle sweet, fruity element to the bath and changed the water into more of a dark peach colour. For this, I was rather grateful. 

Finally, I threw my last Haagenbath Bath Bomb into the mix and enjoyed watching as it threw out wave after wave of pink and white foam. This ballistic is one of Lush's slowest dissolvers so it may be worth you getting into the tub by this stage and enjoying the show from the best seat in the house. 

As well as the subtle mint scent that this bath bomb added to the mix, Haagenbath also has chunks of actual chocolate throughout so these strengthened the chocolately element of the whole cocktail and added yet more butters and oils to soften your skin with. 

Overall, while I wouldn't say that it is one of my favourite Lush Cocktails, it was definitely enjoyable to see how these four products worked together in the bath.  After this experience, I wouldn't describe the experience as being like a Hot Fudge Sundae; to me it reminded me more of melted strawberry ice-cream or sticky marshmallows. 

It's definitely a sweet affair, but perhaps one that isn't as 'in your face' as some of the others I've tried. For this reason, if you like candy smells but perhaps find the likes of Snow Fairy or Creamy Candy too omnipotent, this might be the cocktail you want to try out for yourself. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 7.2 out of 10. 

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