4 April 2015

Lush Cocktail: Lovin' Life

Katrina's 'Lovin' Life' Cocktail




There is something about a pink bath that is equally both warming and inviting. While you would never see me wearing attire in this shade, there is something about this colour that comes alive in the tub and makes for a comforting and rather exciting experience. 

I chose to try out Lovin' Life for two reasons. Firstly, since my initial use of the bubble bar, my love for Unicorn Horn has grown dramatically. At first I found the seasonal item to be rather weak in scent and rather boring. However, after a couple of uses, I have since fallen in love with the delicate balance of lavender and natural sweetness that accompanies the stunning design.

Secondly, I loved the idea of both the floral and sweet coming together in what promised to be a vivid and very delicious sounding concoction. For this reason, I couldn't wait to try this collaboration out in the bath tub. 

Lovin' Life is a cocktail that would work at any time of the year. It's sweet, it's fruity, it's relaxing - warming enough to comfort those cold feet and weathered hands, light enough to not be too overbearing in the warmer months. 

First up, crumble the entire Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar under the running tap. You can use half if you're trying to conserve your Lush products, especially one as rare as this bubble bar. However, I felt this cocktail needed the full thing to get a good strong, underlying lavender scent going. 

As I've stated in previous reviews of this bar, despite it's gorgeous colour, it doesn't do much in the way of turning the water an interesting colour so you're left with a light, pastel-purple tint. However, it does produce loads of bubbles and this creates a mountain of light, fluffy goodness to bury yourself under.

Next up I added in half of a Love Locket Ballistic. These are limited to the Valentine's Day range and are rather large in size so you definitely don't have to use the full thing at once. This not only darkens the colour of the water to a lovely shade of pink, but gives off a sweet, decadent aroma that intertwines with the floral lavender and creates a very tranquil fragrance that fills the bathroom. 

Furthermore, the Love Locket Bath Bomb also features small confetti hearts inside, and these float around under the surface of the water, giving a lovely display as you're relaxing in the tub. They wash away easily and don't interfere with your bathing experience so they're not a nuisance. 

Finally, I threw in an entire Mmmelting Marshmallow Bath Melt (although you can use half if you desire). This compliments the candy element of the ballistic but also boosts the sweet smell of the bubble bar - bringing all three elements together wonderfully. 

The luxury bath melt softens the water and leaves lots of essential butters and oils to give you a highly moisturising experience. While it's not as greasy as the likes of You've Been Mangoed and Dream Time, you're still left feeling silky-soft and regenerated. 

This is a great cocktail for many reasons; it can boost your spirits before a night out; nourish and repair dry and damaged skin; soothe and improve tired minds and weathered bodies; replenish sun-kissed skin. This is definitely one I'll try out again and I recommend that you give it a whirl yourself. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 8.6 out of 10.


  1. So glad I can actually try this one!! Need to do more cocktails that feature more common lush products, thanks :)

  2. I tried a similar version of this cocktail since I didn't have all the items and it was quite nice - Candy Mountain bubble bar, Think Pink bath bomb and mmmelting marshmallow melt. I was a little disappointed though that the floral smell of Think Pink was overwhelmed by the sweetness of the bubble bar & melt