12 April 2015

Lush Cocktail: Vampira

Ezra's 'Vampira' Cocktail 




Most of you know that I am currently out of action due to a torn muscle in my left leg. For someone who relishes being in control of my life and doesn't cope well when I'm hindered in any way, this current predicament is pure torture - I would rather be in excruciating pain than face the prospect of not being physically able to walk across a room without needing support with every step.  

However, in a bid to try and stay positive, I have been enjoying the luxury of two, sometimes three baths a day - a perfect opportunity to try out some of the wonderful cocktail suggestions that you guys have sent my way. Having eyed up Vampira a long time ago, this is the first one I turned to when I needed a little 'pick me up' this week, and boy did it raise my spirits. 

This cocktail is more suited for the winter months - a deliciously spicy and rather sultry offering that is guaranteed to warm even the frostiest of bodies. This combination is rich in cinnamon and ginger to give it that kick, yet it's packed full of vanilla and patchouli to round it off and give it a sweet edge as well. 

First I crumbled the Holly Golightly Bubble Bar under the running tap. While I used almost half of a bar, you only need a third or maybe even a quarter to make this cocktail work. This seasonal favourite of mine turns the water a vivid shade of green and you can immediate detect that sweet, candy-eque cinnamon fragrance as it engulfs your senses. 

This bubble bar is really nourishing on the skin so expect the water to feel super silky-soft straight away - a factor that along with the velvety bubbles it creates, might entice you into the bath before you've even finished adding in all of your ingredients! 

Next I added in the Something Wicked Bath Melt - a product that I've slowly come to appreciate more and more with each use. The recipe for this cocktail suggests using a whole melt but I would say that half is more than suffice to make this one epic cocktail. 

The bath melt is packed full of ginger and jasmine absolute. Although I dislike ginger in most of its formats, the almond oil and cocoa butter in this product soften the full extent of the scent, and offers a sweet and beautiful smell that works with the cinnamon wonderfully. 

Finally I added both of the bath bombs into the water. As I have stated in most of my reviews, some of these cocktails require quite a lot of 'product' -something that not every one can or is willing to spend on one bath. For this reason, you are more than welcome to half both of these ballistics if you want to try out this combination. I cannot imagine this would dampen the effect of the cocktail at all and would mean that you'd have enough to enjoy a second one, if you so wish. 

The Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb spewed out waves of eerie violet and green foam - filling the bathroom with another dose of rich, decadent cinnamon and spices. The ballistic complimented the Holly Golightly Bubble Bar and Something Wicked - making its mark by turning the water a vivid and rather alluring dark shade of purple.

My personal favourite, the Lord Of Misrule bath bomb, rounded off the whole experience by tying all of the wonderful, warming smells together and throwing in a rich burst of vanilla and a dash of patchouli to sweeten the experience.

What you are left with is an alluring, devilish bath that looks like you're about to bathe in the blackened waters of hell. The smell that radiates from the tub is a strong, multi-layered and very comforting aroma - one that entices the senses and yet relaxes them at the same time. 

The water feels and looks like silk against your skin; I was only in there for a few minutes before I could already feel the difference my body felt. This cocktail not only helped me to drift off in the bath tub but left me feeling really contented and well-pampered by the end of it. 

This is a perfect collaboration of ingredients and will satisfy even the most stubbornest of hearts. Try this out for yourself and the attempt to tell me that it's not one of the best cocktails you've ever experienced!

Rating?: 9.1 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.


  1. my idea for a lush cocktail
    name: bunny's tale
    products used- 1 hoppity poppity , 1/3 pink immaculate eggception, lashings of snow fairy shower gel, lashings of grass shower gel.
    this cocktail smells sweet and earthy at the same time!

    1. Nice! I LOVE it! u should make a blog...