20 June 2015

Lush Cocktail: Spring Clean

Janine's 'Spring Clean' Cocktail 


Lashings Of So White Shower Gel



As the weather gets warmer and the allure to be outside heightens, Lush fans across the globe will often find themselves packing the bath bombs away and choosing to take showers instead. After a long day at the beach or a sticky, sweaty day at work/school, the last thing you want to do is jump into a tub of hot water - especially when a short shower will suffice. 

While the hardcore fans will still find time for the odd bathe here and there, these occurrences are few and far between. And when we do cave in and run that rare bath, the last thing we want is a bath bomb or bubble bar that's too strong or too heavy on our senses. It is in these times that Spring Clean seems like the perfect cocktail. 

Consisting of only three ingredients, this cocktail is one the cheaper ones I have tried out over the last few months. Unfortunately, it is made up of three seasonal products that are not available for most of the year. For this reason, I highly recommend that you grab and store these when you can; when kept correctly, these will last you for the entire summer and beyond.

To create this cocktail, you must first cut the bubble bar into three pieces and crumble a third under the running tap. Mother Superior gives off a very strong smell of mimosa, jasmine and orange blossom absolute - three ingredients that create a wonderfully light but equally refreshing and uplifting floral smell. 

Not only this, but the product offers an impressive amount of thick, creamy, fragrant bubbles that coat the surface of the water and build a blanket of silk over the bath. Underneath this, the water turns a beautiful, light shade of blue that works well when the skies are clear and the sun is shining outside of the window. 

Next I added in a few generous quirts of So White Shower Gel. This seasonal release has a very naturally-sweet apple scent - it smells exactly like a freshly peeled Granny Smith, and works on adding a light but refreshing fruit aroma on top of the floral smell. A word of advice when using this shower gel, I found that three squirts meant that this overpowered the bubble bar somewhat so I suggest two squeezes of thesis more than enough if you're looking for a balance of fragrance.

Finally, I used the Secret Garden Bath Bomb, which not only offered the best display of colour in the tub - turning the water a very pretty shade of green, but gave the whole bath a deeper, richer floral aroma to enjoy. 

Together, these three ingredients produced a very delicate but equally good-quality bath that was perfect for the warmer weather. The water was incredibly nourishing on the skin and left me with a light floral scent to enjoy for hours afterwards. Yet at the same time, the aroma wasn't at all overpowering and I didn't feel uncomfortable once, despite the sun beating down outside my window. 

I really loved this Lush Cocktail. All three ingredients complimented each other well and for such a cheap collaboration, it sure leaves a great impression on your body and mind. As I have multiples of every one of these three products, I will definitely be using this as my go-to cocktail when I need a little light pampering. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.


  1. Glad you loved it as much as I did. <3

  2. Who could have thought that baths can look so mind-blowing? Thank you for sharing these mixtures and methods, which combine these visually intoxicating swirls with a very practical and familiar purpose. I'd certainly take note of the base ingredients that you have laid out here. Cheers!

    Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta