30 June 2015

Happy Pill Bath Bomb

Happy Pill was actually one of the first Lush products I heard about, back when I wasn't even aware of who or what Lush were. I remember meeting one of my friend's girlfriends at the time, who couldn't stop talking about a shower gel called Sonic Death Monkey and something called a Happy Pill Ballistic. Needless to say, I remained polite throughout the whole conversation but had forgotten about it the next day. Many years later, I find myself buying multiple numbers of both products during a retro haul, and wondering how many other amazing products I have missed out on for not jumping on the bandwagon when she did. 
What's magical about Happy Pill, is that it's a compilation of two very special Lush fragrances; the yellow half shares it's scent with the refreshing Happy Hippy Shower Gel, whereas the orange half takes on the mandarin elements of The Olive Branch. Together they produce a fruity zesty cocktail of loveliness - one that is sure to brighten up your evening on any occasion.  

What you'll first notice about this ballistic, is that it doesn't take on the shape or dimensions of a traditional Lush bath bomb; a fact that perhaps makes it slightly more appealing. Furthermore, this product is far bigger and heavier than a regular ballistic, making it great value for money; you could easily separate this bomb in half and have two luxury baths. 

The ingredients for the bath ballistic are grapefruit, bergamot, frankincense, orange, lemon and mandarin. Combined, these create a fresh, hefty citrusy scent that aides a calm and relaxing experience - it's definitely one of the strongest bath bombs I've used in a while. 

Once in the water, the ballistic begins to foam-up immediately, although it is a slow-fizzing bath bomb and took almost 20 minutes to completely dissolve in the water. For quicker results, you may wish to break Happy Pill into half or quarters, but there's no reason why you couldn't get in the bath whilst it's still working it's magic and enjoy the show from a front-row seat. 

The bath water turns a beautiful shade of golden honey, and unlike most of Lush's regular bath bombs, this one has the added luxury of making the water silky soft, due, no doubt, to the addition of olive oil in the ingredients list. The water felt lovely and creamy, and left me feeling really invigorated and refreshed - the light zesty scent really wakes you up. 

Once I was out of the water, my skin felt clean, soft and reenergised, and the mandarin and lemon scent lingered on my skin for hours afterwards. After bathing I noticed a vast improvement in the condition of my skin; it felt silky smooth, soft and smelt wonderful. After a bath or a shower I always apply a moisturiser to my skin, however, I didn't need to do this with Happy Pill as my skin felt really moisturised and hydrated.

Unfortunately, once fully dissolved, I thought this bath smelt almost exactly like Cif bathroom cleaner. Although, it was still a very pleasant bath, I couldn't stop imagining the acidic smell of Cif, which spoilt it a little for me and leads me to score it five out of six for this reason. I wish that The Olive Branch was more prominent in the mix.

Ultimately, this is a wonderful fresh ballistic that would appeal equally to men and women. It's good value for money and has many appealing factors that make it stand above a lot of Lush's other bath bombs. I'll be stocking up on these when Lush next bring them back. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Cocamide DEA, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Hemp Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Bergamot Oil, Frankincense Oil, Lemon Oil, Orange Flower Absolute, Mandarin Oil, Gardenia Extract, *Benzyl Benzoate, Lilial, *Limonene, *Linalool, Colour 14700.

Vegan?: Yes.

2015 Price: £3.50 each.
2017 Price: £4.25 each.


  1. Trying to get this tomorrow! I dont have super high hopes but I'm going to wake up early and hit refresh like a crazy person.

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  3. I want one!!!