15 June 2015

Lush Cocktail: The Bath Of Legends

Anonymous' 'The Bath Of Legends' Cocktail



Who can say no to a cocktail with such an epic-sounding title? I know I couldn't when I flicked through my rather long list of suggestions from you guys and discovered this one tucked away near the back. Not only does this cocktail boast an impressive range of products but it's also one of the better-value ones I have tried so far.

On paper, these three products are completely different: Phoenix Rising is a spicy, cinnamon-based bath bomb; Unicorn Horn is a gentle, sweet lavender bubble bar, and Sunnyside is a sweet, zesty favourite amongst Lush fans. Yet, these three band together and create a legendary experience both in fragrance and texture - not just in name.

After cutting all three of my products in half, I began by crumbling the Unicorn Horn under the running tap. This is a product that has grown on me quite a bit since I first used it and I now appreciate the gentle lavender scent that it offers. This bubble bar turned the water a pale pastel pink colour and filled the tub with soft, fluffy bubbles.

Next up I did the same to the Sunnyside Bubble Bar. Unfortunately, this product can be quite stubborn even when fresh, so it's worth holding it under the tap for a while until it begins to soften and crumble with the pressure of the water. This bubble bar produced a surplus amount of bubbles and turned the water into a pale orange colour. 

To make it even more magical, the bar released a wave of sparkly glitter that swirled and pulsed under the water, giving the whole tub a rich, golden glow that only added to the allure of the whole experience. As I have stated before, this glitter isn't a hassle at all and you won't find it sticks to your skin or hair at all. 

Furthermore, Sunnyside gave off a wonderful orangey scent that filled the bathroom immediately. Unfortunately, the bar did overshadow the lavender a little, but that's not to say you couldn't still detect the floral element of Unicorn Horn

Finally, I added the Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb to the bath and relished in the waves of purple and green foam that exploded across the surface of the water. This favourite ballistic of mine added a warm, spicy element to the bath bomb and drew all of the notes together to create a really interesting fragrance overall. 

Once I was in the bath, I really enjoyed the vibrant pink and gold colour of the water, not to mention the wonderfully uplifting fragrance that stayed throughout the whole experience and on my skin afterwards. Surprising, although the lavender was the weakest element, it was this that stayed on my skin once I had towelled myself down.

Overall, The Bath Of Legends was wonderfully moisturising and comforting; it left my skin feeling smooth and my mind free from all of the haze that I had built up that day. It's definitely an experience that'll leave you invigorated and happy - if only from its name alone. I would highly recommend this one - it's great value for money and will leave you feeling like royalty. 

Vegan?: Yes.

Rating: 8.9 out of 10.

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