12 June 2015

The Wuss Bubble Bar

If I was to judge this product on my initial impressions, a combination of it's name and design wouldn't give it much of a leg to stand on. The Wuss is an odd title for a bubble bar and was invented and named after the Canadian Lush boss, Mark Wolverton - back in 1999. Having never being produced for commercial release, this product is as rare as they come and I feel incredibly lucky that I was able to acquire one of these on eBay last year.

Sporting a strange combination of beige, brown and black colours, this bubble bar is one of the oddest ones to come from the company. It reminds me a little of a ball of dough that has been formed from the leftover scraps of a pastry venture. 

When you learn of the fragrance combination, you begin to understand why the design is as unique as it is. Described by Lush as smelling like a 'cappuccino, martini and cigarillo concoction' this bubble bar is an acquired taste. To begin with, I was convinced that I would hate The Wuss as I dislike all three of the ingredients it supposedly combines. Yet I found myself enjoying the experience far more than I could ever imagine. 
Despite not containing any visible ingredients that might suggest where the smell comes from, the most prominent aroma here is of sweet tobacco. It doesn't have that harsh, smoky scent that you would normally get from dried tobacco leaf - it's much more like the candied variety. 

As well as this, there's a warm, milky coffee smell that compliments the tobacco and isn't at all dominant. Although I dislike milk (really?!) and coffee, this is quite a comforting fragrance that intertwines with the sugary element of the bubble bar. Finally, there is a very light sprinkling of oakmoss, which sits underneath both of the above notes and adds a subtle earthy fragrance.

I actually really loved the smell of this bubble bar and although it is more of a masculine smell, it would appeal to many women as well. Even if you don't like the sound of The Wuss, I would highly recommend that you try it if you get a chance; I can imagine it being a surprising favourite for many consumers. 
This bubble bar is very crumbly, new or old, so be careful when you are using it - especially if you want to split it across multiple baths. In it's favour, it's very easy to crumble under the running tap and produces a very impressive amount of soft, cushiony bubbles. The water turns a murky looking green colour although I am unsure whether this has anything to do with the age of my bar.

Once I settled, I noticed that there were hundreds of black specks across the floor of my bath. I later learned that these were flakes of tobacco, which you can actually see in the darker half of the bubble bar. Although these didn't look particularly attractive, I couldn't feel them underneath me when I was laying in the bath. Neither did they stick to my skin and they washed away with ease so I don't see them as being detrimental to the overall experience. 

The Wuss' scent remained prominent throughout the entire bath and it offered a very relaxing, comforting experience. It also left it's impression on my skin once I had exited the bath and made me realise how well it would work as a liquid fragrance. It's a lovely scent to go to bed with and I enjoyed having it's gentle aroma on my pillow when I woke up the next day. 

It left my skin feeling wonderfully smooth and my flatmates even commented on the alluring smell that accompanied me once I'd left the bathroom. It's definitely not a scent that will appeal to those who like sugary, sweet smells - but it will definitely grab the attention of those who likely slightly strange but rather unique fragrances.

With Lush bringing out 'one offs' through the Kitchen Initiative, it would be a shame to waste an opportunity  and not bring this out for fans to try. I can see many people falling in love with it's unique scent and would make a great addition to the permanent range. I would definitely stock up on this to see me through the winter months. 

Quantitative Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar (Tartaric acid), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Ground Coffee (Coffea arabica), Perfume, Cocamide DEA, Cognac Oil (Vitis vinifera), Oakmoss Absolute (Everniaprunastri), Pimento Berry Oil (Pimenta officinalis),  Eugenol, Graniol, Citronellol, Limonene, Gardenia Extract (Gardeniajasminoides).

Vegan?: Yes.

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