5 September 2015

Cosmic Gift Set

There will never be a time when I am not grateful for any gift I am given. However, when I'm presented with something Lush-related by someone who doesn't necessarily know me that well, I value the gesture ten-fold. When some of my pupils bought me Lush gifts to thank me for teaching them this year, I couldn't help but feel blessed. Not only did these children value my input into their education, but they also took the time to get me something that they knew I was a fan of. 

Cosmic Gift Set is one of Lush's smaller gift sets - featuring two products and setting you back £9.25, it's probably very popular for those looking for a small gift to get a friend or colleague without spending too much. Presented in a cardboard box with a gorgeous pink and yellow wrapping, and silver ribbon, this gift set looks startling beautiful to behold.

What makes this collection even more special, is that the very wrapping that encases the gift is actually hand-dyed paper from Nepal - a personal touch that not only makes this my favourite set under £10, but also allows the person to reuse the paper to wrap another present with as well.

This set features:

While this gift set works out a couple of pounds more expensive than buying the two products individually, most people recognise that this is the price to pay for pre-wrapped items. So while I do consider it quite a mark up, I appreciate the ease in which I can acquire this and how the price tag is better value than a lot of commercial sets that I see being sold in other stores.  

Cosmic is the perfect gift for someone who has a sweet tooth: not only is the sugary vanilla aroma of the soap one that most people love, but Twilight is one of Lush's biggest selling bath bombs and bridges the gap between sweet and floral. The vanilla element compliments Rock Star while the lavender element ensures the receiver that they're going to have one very relaxing and rather sensual experience in the tub.  

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