21 September 2015

The Ologist Dusting Powder

I have been storing a number of my dusting powders for quite some time without using them - partly because it's a product I seldom use (aside from T For Toes), and partly because they've got a very long shelf life, given that they're not far off being glorified talcum powder.

I was lucky enough to find a very rare tub of The Ologist on eBay, back in 2012, and it is only recently that I have dug it out and begun using it regularly. Described as being both a dusting powder and a foot soak, I was rather intrigued to see how it worked. 

As I have mentioned in previous reviews, my feet are the one area of my body that needs extra special attention; it's the part of my body that has to carry the brunt of my weight and the one that gets wrapped up and made to sweat all day. Luckily, mine aren't forced to wear heals more than about once every five years, so they don't have it as bad as some, but they still have a lot to contend with.
For this reason, I am always looking for new products to try out - ones that banish odours, ones that soften, moisturise and nourish dried skin and ones that pamper and spoil when my feet just need that extra bit of love; The Ologist does a fantastic job at all three. 

The main ingredient in this dusting powder is kaolin, which is used in many popular Lush products such as Angels On Bare Skin and Five O'Clock Whistle Shaving Smoothie. The ingredient is a popular soft clay that is used to cleanse and exfoliate the body - gently removing dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of the skin. Kaolin is also known for it's absorbency properties, which help to rid the body of unwanted moisture and stop new moisture from forming. The feet in particular, are known to get overheated and sweat throughout the day - this will help to reduce the moisture that collects around your feet and leave you feeling and smelling fresher. 

To use, you can either apply this directly to your feet after a shower, when your feet are completely dry. Or you can sprinkle this into your shoes to help soak up any moisturise after wear or just to help deodorise well-worn trainers that have a bit of a pong to them. 
As The Ologist features Borax - a natural mineral easily dissolvable in water, this powder can also be used as a foot soak. I tend to half-fill a bowl with warm water and then sprinkle a few teaspoons worth of this powder onto my feet. As I massage the powder into my feet, it begins to dissolve in the water and create a wonderful fragrant soak. After ten minutes, my feet were velvety-soft and smelt delicious - a smell that stayed with me for a good hour after I had dried off. 

What I love about this dusting powder, is that its smell is a combination of two gorgeous fragrances. Firstly, it smells like the powdered sugar you coat Turkish delight with - a wonderfully sweet but slightly rose-like aroma. Secondly, this also smells like strawberry bubblegum - that sugary, sweet synthetic berry scent that reminds me of my childhood. While I would normally expect a deodorising product to have a rather pungent, clinical smell, this does the trick while smelling like beautiful. 

This is a really effective and versatile dusting powder that I hope Lush bring back soon. It makes a change from the usual herbal, earthy powders that they currently offer and there's something rather sexy about the sugary-sweet smell it leaves behind. 

Quantitative Ingredients: kaolin, sodium bicarbonate, borax, magnesium sulphate, tagette oil, perfume.

Vegan?: Yes.

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