4 September 2015

Lush Cocktail: Luxurious Lavender French Macaron

Evie's 'Luxurious Lavender French Macaron' Cocktail


Lashings Of Twilight Shower Gel



Sometimes I wonder how I was ever able to function without the presence of lavender my life. A couple of years ago, I would have never chosen to try out any bath or shower product that was heavily scented with the popular floral aroma. However, with insomnia being a real problem for me during term time, it has become a staple in my life, and sometimes even a life raft. 

Luxurious Lavender French Macaron is an amazing cocktail for many reasons. Firstly, it features Twilight Shower Gel - which is already a win for the fangirl in me. Secondly, the colour of the water - thanks in most part to the wonderful newly formulated French Kiss Bubble Bar, is absolutely stunning. 

After crumbling the revamped bubble bar under the running water, a large part of me wanted to stop and enjoy it by itself. While I relished the older version of the bubble bar, I cannot believe how much the fragrance and productivity has improved in this one - a real show-stopperif I'm honest.

French Kiss offers a strong, heady lavender aroma that instantly helps you to feel calmer - a scent that follows you around the bathroom and creates a really relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for those of you who need something to help them first off. 

Up next I added in the Snow Angel Bath Melt. For those unlucky enough to have any of these left to enjoy, I really hope that they make a reappearance in the Christmas range this year as I'm running dangerously short. On paper, this Snowcake-scented beauty should not work with the lavender, and I was a little worried that it would clash and ruin the mood. 

However, it not only added lots of essential oils to soften the water and make it even more moisturising, but it added a gentle, playful sweetness that really complimented the floral component in the bath.

I then added the Butterball Bath Bomb - a product that has grown on me over time and now ranks fairly highly on the list of ballistics I always keep handy incase I have a craving...

This bath bomb doesn't last very long in the water - fizzing away in under a minute and covering the surface with a thick, creamy looking white foam. Yet despite it's less than colourful performance, the bath bomb more than makes up for it with the amount of cocoa butter it adds to the water. As soon as I submerged myself under the water, I could feel the little puddles of oils nourishing my skin, and I loved that the chocolately aroma also added a little extra sweetness to the overall cocktail as well.

Finally, I added in a few generous squirts of Twilight Shower Gel - a person favourite of mine that linked all of the other ingredients together. The lavender pulled in French Kiss and gave it an extra boost of floral goodness, and the cream, malty, vanilla component worked with the sweetness of the other two ingredients to create a wonderfully strong and multi-layered bathing experience. 

This Lush cocktail helped me to unwind, relax and get my body and mind ready for bed; the cocoa butter helped to heal my skin, moisturise my weathered skin and leave me smelling like royalty. Overall, a very well-rounded and wonderful cocktail - one I will be using regularly to help me to sleep. 

Rating: 9.0 out of 10. 

Vegan?: Yes.


  1. Hi Jen!
    I don't know if you know but I was wondering if you thought that the seasonal products that were leaked the other day were the final list of things or if there is going to be more. It's just because it seems to me that they are missing a lot of products that seem to be staples...

    1. I was wondering that myself! Judging from last year, I know that when the Christmas stuff came 'live' on the website, there were items that hadn't made it onto the final lists that could be found if you searched for them. For example, when the range was first published, there was no Melting Snowman. However, when I searched for it on the website, it was there. In all fairness, I'm not sure whether there will be any more things this year - I definitely don't think there will be any more shower gels, given that they've only recently released the new shower creams to the world. Having said that, I can see them bringing out quite a lot in the Lush Kitchen around that time so people can still purchase their 'regular' favourites.