14 September 2015

Lush Cocktail: Mystic & Misrule

Anonymous' 'Mystic & Misrule' Cocktail




Sometimes simple is better, and when it comes to this cocktail, there is never a more truer word. Featuring two of my favourite seasonal goodies, this cocktail is a dark, mystical and very sultry experience - one that'll elevate your weariness, transport your mind and leave you feeling like a new person. 

While you could opt to use half of both of these products, as I recognise that they aren't the easiest items to find during the most part of the year, I needed something that was going to knock me for six - something that was going to leave a lasting impression on both my skin and my senses. And with my all time favourite bath bomb being part of the recipe, I knew I was in for something special.

Mystic & Misrule is definitely a heavy bath - one I would normally reserve for the darker, colder months of the year. With two very pungent smelling ingredients, this is a strong force - a cocktail intent on flushing out those cobwebs and reviving any energy lost during a hard-day's slog. 

To begin with I crumbled an entire Wizard Bubble Bar under the running tap. Making itself known back during 2014's Halloween range, this seasonal product shares it's scent with Jingle Spells - a sweet and slightly tart fruity juniperberry aroma. While it may seem like the very opposite of a product that would go with the other bath bomb, it happens to compliment it really well - balancing out the sweet with the spice. 

Upon crumbling this into the water, the tub fills up quickly with an array of soft, fluffy bubbles - the water running rampant with a bright maroon-coloured tinge. With the juniperberry filling the bathroom with a strong, fruity fragrance, I couldn't help by salivate over how this cocktail was going to turn out. 

Finally, I added in an entire Lord Of Misrule and watched as wave upon wave of thick creamy green and red coloured foam covered the surface of the water - creating beautiful swirls of vivid colour and turning the water into a deep shade of scarlet. Beautiful. 

Upon entering the bath, the water felt gorgeously silky and immediately got to work at softening and moisturising my skin - leaving my body feeling radiant and well-nourished. While the bubbles soon melted away to next to nothing, the scent lingered throughout the entire experience and permeated my skin for the rest of the evening. 

Although the bath bomb was definitely the strongest component, the bubble bar did well at complimenting the sweet vanilla and patchouli aroma and helped to elevate the citrusy fragrance that came from both products. While I was saddened to discover that this was my last Wizard Bubble Bar, I live safely in the knowledge that it was spent wisely. If I was ever to obtain any more in the future, I would definitely come back to this cocktail and use it over and over again. Pure perfection. 

Rating: 9.2 out of 10.

Vegan?: Yes.


  1. Obe of my favorites! Hope we see Wizard again this year as I only have two left.

    1. I really hope Wizard comes out in the Kitchen again - I've just used my last one up and need to stock up a little.

  2. Most favorite cocktail ever 😍

    1. It's rather wonderful, isn't it? I think anything with Lord Of Misrule would be amazing!

  3. I plan to *recreate* this bath cocktail tonight. But I'll be using the magic of christmas FUN for bubbles and washing since I unfortunately don't have any of the bubble bars.

  4. Oh. Now that I think of it I do have a bath cocktail you may enjoy.

    I call it hippy in the woods.

    Lord of misrule bath bomb
    Karma bubble bar
    Wash with needles and Pines Shower Jelly
    Scrub with rough with the smooth
    Finish off with karma kream